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Pro-Wicks CDN 8 (33) - TEALIGHT Wick - 33mm Long


NOTE:There are significant delays with deliveries via Royal Mail (7-10 working days to most areas and 10-15 working days to London) and Parcelforce (4-5 working days, longer at times) due to COVID-19. 

33mm long CDN 8 (stabilo) Candle Wicks.

  • Produced and recommended for Palm, Paraffin and Soy Wax candle making.
  • Pro Wicks are pre tabbed, providing an easy and efficient route for candle production.
  • Orders of 100 wicks or more are packaged in a reusable box providing a neat and tangle free solution.

Enhanced rigidity. By coating Pro Wicks in a unique blend of priming wax, an even burn and enhance rigidity is created for the customer.

Lead free and safe. CDN (stabilo) wicks are made out of all natural fibres and contain no lead or other harmful metals to protect you and your customers.

Simple, no waste production. Wicks require no extra work other than a trim before burning. Let no wick go to waste by re-tabbing offcuts and using them for tealight of votive wicks.

Length: 33mm

Burn Diameter: 49-50mm (based on soy wax)

Tab Size: 15mm x 3.8mm x 2.4mm

HTP equivalent: HTP 104

Stickum Size: Wick stickum size 15mm

Suitable for: Tealight Cups

As the performance of your candle wicks is based on a variety of different variables – wax, colour, fragrance, container size and more - we suggest that you conduct your own testing to ensure consistent results. Click here  to see our candle wicks guide for further information and guidance.


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