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Ribbon Wick Sample Pack - 150mm Long with 20mm Tab

NOTE: We are currently operating with reduced staff numbers in accordance to the social distancing requirements currently in place. As such it may take 1-2 business days for your order to be dispatched when ordering. Thank you for your understanding during this time, stay safe.

A sample pack of the small, medium and large ribbon wicks allowing you to try the new generation of wicks which have been specially engineered to bring the benefits of a wider based flame with greater consistency. 

  • A great alternative to wooden wicks. 
  • Manufactured using 100% natural fibres. 
  • Pack includes:
    • 5 x Small Ribbon Wicks
    • 5 x Medium Ribbon Wicks
    • 5 x Large Ribbon Wicks

      Increased reliability. With their wider based flame and flat braid, Ribbon Wicks produce a flame similar in style to wood wicks but with the reliability of a woven cotton wick.

      High quality, High Performance. Ribbon Wicks utilising a unique weave structure to reduce the occurrence of mushrooming and wick curling while burning. 

      A good all-rounder.  Suitable for use in all types of waxes and designed to perform well in larger diameter bases and harder to burn applications.

      Length: 150mm

      Burn diameters: Small: 60-70mm, Medium: 70-80mm, Large: 80-90mm

      Tab Size: 20mm

      Wick Stickum Size: 20mm

      As the performance of your candle wicks is based on a variety of different variables – wax, colour, fragrance, container size and more - we suggest that you conduct your own testing to ensure consistent results.Click here to see our candle wicks guide for further information and guidance.

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 3 reviews
      Looking forward to testing

      Great to try something new for my premium range, only tried the medium so far. Great to have a sample pack. Would be great to have sample packs of wicks.

      Excellent Steady Burn Quality

      I have only begun to test these and the smallest have had some test burning. The initial first hour burn to establish a melt pool went well, although it felt like at some points the flame was really trying to get established. I would say steady though. Dipped into the wax and then began a 3 hour burn test a few hours later and this is when I saw the excellent potential of this wick. The flame became steady and full, almost like the wick stated, "Yes I am here now" Marvellous. Will be purchasing more.

      No wick can touch this!

      These ribbon wicks are the answer to my prayers. They burn so cleanly and evenly. I just wish they also came in shorter lengths as it feels criminal throwing away the unwanted excess after cutting them down to size.


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