How to get started with making reed diffusers

How to get started with making reed diffusers

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Candles and wax melts aren’t the only way to bring fragrances into your home. Reed diffusers are a popular choice for adding long lasting fragrance to your home without the need for a flame and in spaces where candles and melts are not permitted. Read our pointers below to learn how to get started with making reed diffusers. 

Choosing quality diffuser supplies

You’ll need a range of supplies to get started including; Diffuser Sticks, Fragrance, Diffuser Base and a vessel for your diffuser. You’ll also want to have a range of cleaning supplies and similar equipment on hand to protect yourself and the surfaces around you.

Our range of Fibre Diffuser Sticks are compatible with alcohol, water and oil based fragrance diffuser bases. Our Augeo Reed Diffuser Base is suitable for use in reed diffusers and a wide array of home fragrance products. 

To makes things simple, we have also have a range of Reed Diffuser Gift Sets that include a diffuser bottle, plastic stopper, 5 sticks and a magnetic closing gift box. All you need to do is mix and add your desired fragrance for the perfect ready to assemble addition to your home fragrance range. 

As with any home fragrance products, your choice of fragrance is the most important factor in attracting customers and keeping them coming back for more. Unfortunately, not all of our oils are safe for diffuser use since they were reclassified as a skin contact product by IFRA; as such we have a list for them to make it easier when shopping. 

Browse our range of Reed Diffuser friendly fragrances here

Balancing and mixing your fragrance base

We suggest the following Fragrance to Base ratio: 

10% -25% Fragrance Oil and 75% - 90% Diffuser Base. 

Reed diffusers tend to be fairly easy to master, it tends to be a case of adjusting the ratios by around 5% until you hit on the right mix, but the above should be a good starting point.

From our experience, thicker oils will require less fragrance and more base, we suggest starting with 15% fragrance to 85% base. Thinner or more subtle scents will require more fragrance and less base, for these we suggest starting with 25% fragrance to 75% base (this is the maximum ratio).

You can choose how many diffuser sticks you’d like to add but we generally find that five reed sticks per diffuser is plenty. 

To make diffuser oil, blend the fragrance oil with the diffuser base until clear. Seal the container and allow it to stand for 2 to 3 days before using.

Getting the best fragrance from your diffuser

While it’s often suggested to flip your reed diffusers, our sticks are engineered not to clog and do not require flipping. We always suggest following recommendations from your supplier (if not us) and testing various products for yourselves.

Keep your diffusers in a well-ventilated space and away from direct sunlight or artificial heat sources which can reduce the life of your diffusers. 

Learn more

We hope this guide is a useful introduction to getting started with making reed diffusers. 

Be sure to check out other blogs in our Resource Centre. You can find further advice and tips from fellow makers, and share your experience with making reed diffuser over on our Facebook Group.

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NI Candle Supplies LTD
Leanne Kelly

Could you tell me please if the reed diffuser base is suitable to use to make car diffusers. Thank you for your time.

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NI Candle Supplies LTD replied:
Thanks for your comment Leanne. Our reed diffuser base can be used in car diffusers, however you will need to ensure you test comprehensively to ensure the finished product does not cause damage to the surfaces in a car should the product be spilled during use.

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