Our Journey

Ever tried making a candle with shoddy supplies? We have. And we didn’t like it one bit. That’s why we rolled up our sleeves and started NI Candle Supplies. For passionate makers like us who know that the best home fragrances need high-quality supplies. From beginners to pros, we've got the goods.

Signature Scents

We joined forces with a renowned perfumer and crafted a collection of fragrance oils that truly stand out. Rigorously tested with various waxes, these oils are primed to elevate your next creation. And candle makers across the world seem to agree—they can't get enough of our scents.

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Quality You Can Count On

Here’s the deal: we’re big on quality. From ensuring your candles won’t play up during shipping to sticking to the rules with the CLP legislative compliance, we’ve got you covered. This isn’t just about selling supplies for candles—it’s about doing it right.

Crafters Unite

Candle-making isn’t just a craft, it’s a community. We’re building a space where candle enthusiasts can swap stories, tips and maybe a few laughs. Got a burning question or hot tip? Dive into our FAQs or handy resources: Candle Making 101, Candle-Making Supplies and Seasonal Scents.

Customer Service that Shines

Been kept on hold by candle suppliers before? Not our style. Our team is dedicated to delivering a quick and seamless customer service experience. If you’ve got any queries, need some advice or just want to chat about the latest candle trends, we’re here to help.

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