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What Can You Make with 5 kg of Soy Wax?

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Soy wax is a wonder ingredient in the candle-making world, especially when you've got a generous 5 kg to experiment with. This versatile wax opens up a playground of creative possibilities, far beyond just standard candle making. It's a dream come true for DIY enthusiasts and aspiring candle crafters alike.

In this guide, we'll explore the myriad of things you can create with soy wax. With 5 kg in your craft kit, the opportunities range from classic container candles to whimsical wax melts and even some unique, less-expected creations. Known for its clean burning quality and excellent scent throw, soy wax is perfect for those who value quality and natural ingredients in their homemade projects. 

So, let's get ready to melt, pour and discover all the amazing things you can craft with your 5 kg of soy wax.

What is soy wax? 

Soy wax is a plant-based wax made from soybeans, making it a renewable and sustainable resource. It's created by harvesting soybeans and then processing them into flakes. These flakes are further refined and hydrogenated, transforming their oils into the solid form we recognise as soy wax. This natural composition makes soy wax biodegradable and a slightly more eco-conscious choice compared to traditional waxes.

Unlike some other waxes, soy wax is naturally non-toxic, making it a healthier option for both the environment and our homes. It's a relatively new addition to the candle-making scene but has quickly gained popularity due to its superior qualities as a wax.

Soy wax also boasts a lower melting point compared to other waxes. This property not only makes it safer to handle during the candle-making process but also means it burns at a cooler temperature. 

Different types of soy wax

Soy wax comes in various blends suited for different candle-making needs:

Container blend soy wax: Specifically designed for use in container candles, this blend adheres well to glass and other container materials, making it perfect for creating jarred candles.

Melt blend soy wax: This type is formulated for wax melts and tarts. It typically has a higher melting point, allowing the wax to hold its shape better in warmers and release fragrance over a longer period.

Each blend is tailored to maximise the performance and aesthetic of the end product, whether it be a beautifully jarred candle or a fragrant wax melt.

The benefits of soy wax (at a glance)

Eco-friendly: Soy wax is a renewable resource. Its biodegradable nature ensures a lesser environmental impact, making it a preferred choice for eco-conscious consumers.

Non-toxic: Soy wax is a healthier alternative as it's made from vegetable oil and is naturally non-toxic. This aspect makes it a safe choice for households, especially around children and pets.

Lower melting point: The lower melting point of soy wax translates to less energy required for melting and processing, making it more energy-efficient compared to other waxes.

Safe and easy to handle: Due to its lower melting point, soy wax is safer to handle, reducing the risk of burns during the crafting process.

Easy clean-up: Spills and residue from soy wax can be easily cleaned up with soap and water, which is not always the case with other waxes.

Quality and performance: Despite being a fairly natural product, soy wax does not compromise on quality. It performs efficiently in various uses, from candle making to cosmetic applications.

What can you make with 5kg soy wax?

Candles (of course!)

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Stepping into candle making with 5 kg of soy wax opens up a realm of possibilities, especially for those running a candle brand. Known for its clean burn and strong scent throw, soy wax is ideal for creating high-quality candles. But why is a bulk amount like 5 kg a smart move for your business?

First off, buying in bulk is cost-effective. With 5 kg of soy wax, you can produce a significant number of candles, depending on their size. For instance, if you’re making standard 20cl candles, 5 kg of wax could yield approximately 20 to 25 candles. This volume production is great for stocking up your inventory or preparing for a busy market season.

Moreover, soy wax's consistency and ease of use make it ideal for producing a uniform product line. Its lower melting point means a safer production process and less energy consumption. Plus, the consistent quality of the wax ensures each candle you make meets your brand’s standards.

For candle brand owners, using soy wax also aligns with environmentally conscious values, an increasingly important factor for customers. Opting for soy wax demonstrates a commitment to sustainability, enhancing your brand’s appeal. It’s an opportunity to produce a candle line that’s eco-friendly, beautifully scented and consistent in quality, all while managing costs effectively. What more could you want?

Wax melts

Transitioning from candle making to crafting wax melts, 5 kg of soy wax presents unique advantages, particularly for those in the candle business. Wax melts are increasingly popular for their convenience and long-lasting fragrance, and soy wax fits the bill perfectly for these delightful little scent boosters.

The natural composition of soy wax makes it an ideal medium for wax melts. Its lower melting point means that it releases fragrance quickly and efficiently when warmed up in a burner, a key quality for effective wax melts. This characteristic ensures that your melts deliver a consistent and satisfying scent experience every time.

For candle brand owners, making wax melts with soy wax is a smart addition to your product line. The versatility of soy wax allows for easy experimentation with a wide range of fragrances, from subtle to bold. Plus, its eco-friendly appeal resonates well with customers who prioritise sustainable and natural products.

Even better, wax melts are also a great way to utilise any leftover wax from candle making, minimising waste and maximising resources. Win-win!

Scented sachets

Not feeling up to the task of crafting candles or wax melts? Perhaps you’ve only got a few chips left of your soy wax stash? If that’s the case, why not make some scented sachets? These small but mighty sachets are perfect for infusing drawers, wardrobes or cars with a delightful fragrance, without having to heat them up. 

Blend soy wax with dried herbs, flowers or fragrance oils, and you can create an array of scented sachets. Simply pour the fragrant soy wax mixture into small pouches or moulds. Once set, these sachets act as eco-friendly air fresheners, offering a subtle yet lasting scent wherever they're placed. They're a creative and simple way to extend the use of soy wax beyond traditional candle making.

Soy wax crayons

Still more leftover soy wax? Transform part of your soy wax supply into fun and colourful soy wax crayons. This project is particularly great if you’ve got an artsy side or you're looking to expand into family-friendly products. 

Mixing soy wax with non-toxic pigments allows you to create safe, natural crayons that are perfect for little artists. These crayons are not only a joy for kids to use but also appeal to parents seeking sustainable and safe art supplies. It's a unique way to diversify your product range, tapping into the niche market of eco-conscious art and craft supplies.

Disclaimer: Please note that while making soy wax crayons can be a creative endeavour for personal use, it's essential to conduct thorough testing to ensure their suitability and safety before considering them for sale to the general public.

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Soy wax lip balms 

Now we’ve covered the arts and crafts, what about beauty products? With soy wax, you can also venture into the realm of homemade beauty products by creating natural soy wax lip balms. Combining the wax with oils like coconut or almond, and adding flavours or essential oils, results in nourishing lip balms. 

These can be a hit in your product line, especially for customers who love organic, handcrafted skincare items. Soy wax lip balms are not only effective in moisturising but also offer a unique, handmade charm.

Disclaimer: Remember to conduct a cosmetic assessment before offering these products for sale to ensure their safety and compliance with regulations.

Soy wax hand salves

Continuing with the self-care theme, you can also utilise your soy wax to craft luxurious hand salves, perfect for soothing dry and chapped skin. Infusing the wax with therapeutic essential oils and rich moisturising agents can create a product that’s both healing and indulgent. 

These hand salves can be a part of your bespoke skincare line, appealing to customers who value natural, effective skin care solutions. The creamy texture and skin-friendly properties of soy wax make it an excellent base for such salves, adding a touch of luxury to your DIY beauty range.

Disclaimer: Remember to conduct a cosmetic assessment before offering these products for sale to ensure their safety and compliance with regulations.

Crafting magic with soy wax 

So there you have it: with 5 kg of soy wax, the possibilities stretch way beyond the candle jar. 

You've got the makings for everything from little sachets that keep things smelling fresh, to crayons that might just bring out the kid in you. Then there’s the personal touch of homemade lip balms and hand salves—a bit of self-care crafted right in your kitchen. 

It all goes to show, soy wax is more than a candle maker's go-to; it’s a versatile companion for anyone who loves to create, experiment, and maybe even get a little messy in the process.

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