See the results and feedback from our latest poll!

See the results and feedback from our latest poll!

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We recently asked for your feedback in relation to which of our discontinued fragrances you would like to see reformulated and what new additions you would like to see. The feedback is in and we are excited to share the results with you!

Thanks to everyone who completed our fragrance oil poll - we appreciate the feedback. For those of you who missed the survey, we asked two questions: 

Question 1: We asked makers which of our discontinued fragrances they would like to see reformulated.

The top requests for this question are as follows:

  • Hawaiian Honey Blossom
  • Pumpkin Spiced Latte
  • Almond Milk
  • Montego Bay
  • White Christmas
  • Orange & Vanilla
  • Australian Sandalwood
  • Passionfruit & Paw Paw
  • Pineapple, Cranberry & Coconut
  • Lychee & Black Tea
  • Wild Frangipani

What are we doing with this feedback?

Samples of the original oils listed above have been sent off for reformulation already, for those that have successful testing, we expect it will be four to six months before these are available again. 

Many of your favourites have reformulations under review or testing underway already. You can learn more about these in our earlier update  here.


Question 2: We asked makers to share their favourite scents from those not currently available in our range.

For the second part of the survey, we’ve grouped results of new oil suggestions into sub-categories which you see below, ranked by popularity; 

  • Herbaceous (ie. eucalyptus, rosemary) with 27 results  
  • Food (ie. birthday cake, sherbet lemon) also with 27 results
  • Floral (ie. bluebell, sweet pea) with 26 results
  • Dupes (ie. various perfumes) with 24 results 
  • Fruity (ie, fresh green apple, fig) with 19 results
  • Woody/spa (ie. Caribbean teakwood) with 18 results
  • Tropical (ie. coconut, pina colada) with 8 results
  • Other (ie. baby powder) with 7 results

What happens now?

We will begin working through the list of new oil requests, in addition to our reformulations, most likely adding some of these in the next 2-3 months. Please note the examples given in these subcategories is not a guarantee these oils will be the ones we’re adding. 


Why does it take so long to add new oils to the range? 

We've been asked this question a bit recently and wanted to provide some feedback to our makers accordingly.

The process of adding a new oil involves a number of steps, including testing, production, compliance, bottling and labelling.

Whilst the process is quite drawn out, we believe good things are worth waiting for and we appreciate your patience with our testing, we want to ensure we only sell the highest quality fragrance oils. 

In the meantime, you can browse our current range and stock of fragrances oils  here.

3 Response(s)

NI Candle Supplies LTD
Miriam kelly

Can you please get baby powder back in my customers are always asking fo it
NI Candle Supplies LTD replied:
We loved this scent too, sadly though it didn’t perform well for us. If there is enough of a collective demand for it in the future; we may look to reinstating it in our range. 

NI Candle Supplies LTD

I hope that the Passionfruit & Paw Paw range will be out soon. This is a big hit with our customers.

NI Candle Supplies LTD

Such amazing news! I am so delighted that Hawaiian Honey Blossom made the list, and excited for all the new oils in production.

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