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Trending Candle Designs for 2024

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We all know the drill: in the world of business, a little bit of calm goes a long way—and what better way to find it than through candles? They're not just about setting the mood; they're about creating experiences that resonate, and for you as a candle brand owner, lighting up the path to success. 

If you are in the business of crafting these little jars of joy, you know it's all about staying one step ahead. Whether you're looking to revolutionise your product line or hunting for inspirations that'll make your brand outshine your competitors’, we're here to fan those creative flames. 

As we roll into 2024, it’s time to think big and bold. Last year's trends were just a warm-up. The upcoming year is all about making a statement that goes beyond the scent. It’s about the entire experience—from innovative packaging and unique vessels to storytelling fragrances and eye-catching shapes. 

We’ve done the homework (you can thank us later!) and scouted the hottest candle design trends for 2024. This is about giving your brand an edge in the competitive market, transforming spaces with candles that don’t just light up rooms but light up conversations. 

Get ready, because we're about to unveil the trends that will help your brand not just follow the market but lead it with style.

Top Candle Designs for 2024

Candle-making kits

<span data-mce-fragment="1"><a href="https://sculpd.co.uk/products/scented-candle-making-pottery-kit?utm_source=google&amp;utm_medium=paid&amp;utm_campaign=15379533335&amp;utm_content=132758832360&amp;utm_term=sculpd&amp;gadid=616024435803&amp;gad_source=1&amp;gclid=Cj0KCQiAgqGrBhDtARIsAM5s0_lB8IUDEeyevsVzJICMTCPQkulGscuVtCny27ReaRL-J9KJfwLp9zMaAgWTEALw_wcB" data-mce-fragment="1" data-mce-href="https://sculpd.co.uk/products/scented-candle-making-pottery-kit?utm_source=google&amp;utm_medium=paid&amp;utm_campaign=15379533335&amp;utm_content=132758832360&amp;utm_term=sculpd&amp;gadid=616024435803&amp;gad_source=1&amp;gclid=Cj0KCQiAgqGrBhDtARIsAM5s0_lB8IUDEeyevsVzJICMTCPQkulGscuVtCny27ReaRL-J9KJfwLp9zMaAgWTEALw_wcB">Sculpd</a></span>’s candle-making kit including candle-making equipment and instructions.

In 2024, the DIY craze is still going strong, and guess what’s leading the pack? Candle-making kits. It's all about getting hands-on and personal, and brands like Sculpd totally get it. Their kits are an invitation to craft your own vibe, from earthy and understated to bold and beautiful. 

So, what could you include in your brand’s candle-making kits? How about natural waxes like soy or coconut wax that let crafters dabble in eco-friendly creations? Fragrance oils are also a must—from classic lavender to more adventurous scents like salted caramel. 

Don't forget the wicks, maybe even a mix of wood and cotton for variety. Throw in some unique, maybe even quirky, moulds that let people shape their candles into anything from elegant pillars to fun figures.

Unexpected scents

A close-up shot of "https://www.dwhome.com/products/butter-popcorn" Butter Popcorn candle in a yellow vessel

Unexpected scents in candles? That’s where the real fun is at. Sure, we all love our lavender and vanilla staples among other popular candle scents, but if you're looking to give your brand that extra zing, it's time to think outside the box. 

Think DW Home’s Butter Popcorn Candle—it’s like bringing the movies right into your living room, minus the sticky floors. And yes, they've even got a Mac & Cheese one. Talk about bold choices! 

Why not mix things up with a bubblegum-scented candle, or consider the sweet nostalgia with a birthday cake fragrance? These offbeat scents are more than just novelty items; they’re a way to make your brand memorable and engaging. They’re perfect for those looking for a twist on the usual and can add a playful element to your line-up. 

Incorporating a few unexpected scents into your product line can set your brand apart, offering customers something new and exciting. It's about crafting an experience that's as unique as your customers are. So go ahead, get creative with those scents and let your brand’s personality shine through.

Artsy candles

A "https://www.cairncandles.co.uk/shop/wilderness-harvest-art-candle/" candle featuring artwork of the Scottish highlands on the label and packaging.

It's not just about the scent or the glow anymore—it's how they look that's setting the mood. Think Instagrammable, think artsy. It's all about candles that aren't just candles; they're pieces of art.

Brands are getting creative, decking out their candles with illustrations, hand-drawn labels and eye-catching designs that scream personality. It's like having a mini art gallery in your living room. 

Take the Scottish brand CAIRN, for example. They teamed up with artist Ann Vastano to create a candle line that's a feast for the eyes. Their candles feature stunning artwork on both the vessel and the packaging, making them a hit not just for locals but for tourists too. 

Having artwork on your candles is like giving your customers a two-for-one deal: a heavenly scent and a visual treat. So, if your wax creations aren’t doubling as décor pieces yet, you might want to brush up on those candle designs. After all, in a world where everyone’s scrolling, a little visual flair could be just what it takes to stop them in their tracks. 

Pssst: Among the beautiful artwork, don’t forget your product needs to comply with the official candle label requirements.

Multipurpose vessels

A candle vessel from "https://penrosecandles.com/collections/ceramic-candles/products/in-practice-tumbler-candle-charcoal" that doubles-up as a coffee tumbler.

While we're talking vessels, let's not overlook a trend that's as smart as it is stylish: reusable containers. In a world keen on reducing waste, candles that come in vessels designed for a second life make a statement. 

Brands like Penrose Candles are leading the charge. They've cleverly designed their candles in chic ceramic vessels that transform into coffee tumblers once the candle has lived its life. Talk about a win-win: you get a gorgeous candle and a new addition to your mug collection. 

Imagine candles in elegant ceramic pots that become trendy planters for your kitchen herbs or a vibrant succulent. Or those in sleek glass jars, perfect for storing bathroom essentials like cotton pads and earbuds, or even as chic makeup brush holders. These multi-purpose vessels aren't just eco-friendly; they're about extending the joy and utility of your candle well beyond its last flicker.

Candles that smell like nature

A serene forest atmosphere that’s the cover image for <span data-mce-fragment="1"><a href="https://www.nicandlesupplies.co.uk/products/forest-retreat-fragrance-oil" data-mce-fragment="1" data-mce-href="https://www.nicandlesupplies.co.uk/products/forest-retreat-fragrance-oil">NI Candle Supplies</a></span>’ fragrance oil

In a world where the great outdoors beckons but the daily grind keeps us indoors, there’s a growing desire to bridge that gap. That’s where nature-inspired candles come into play. It’s an answer to our collective longing for the wild, green spaces we crave amidst our busy, often indoor-centric lifestyles. 

Think about it—while we’re typing away in offices or hustling through urban jungles, our senses are seeking the freshness of the open air, the earthiness of a forest floor, the herbal whisper of a garden. Candles with aromatic green and woody profiles are like a secret passage to these natural retreats. 

They offer a way to recreate that outdoor serenity inside our homes or workspaces. Lighting one is like opening a window to a world where the air is fresher, the ground is softer and the mind can wander through nature’s wonders, if only for a moment. It’s a little escape, a mini adventure for the senses, reminding us of the tranquillity and beauty of the natural world we’re all a part of.

Thematic candles

The ‘Bottomless Mimosas’ scented candle by <span data-mce-fragment="1"><a href="https://anecdotecandles.com/products/bottomless-mimosas" data-mce-fragment="1" data-mce-href="https://anecdotecandles.com/products/bottomless-mimosas">anecdote</a></span>, in a grey and orange vessel.

Crafting candles that tap into cultural trends is like hitting the sweet spot in the candle game. You can’t go wrong with relatable scents that tell us more about what's buzzing in the world around us. Take anecdote and its 'Bottomless Mimosas' candle; it's brunch culture in a jar, complete with the aroma of good vibes and cheeky chats. 

This approach is like giving your candles a personality that resonates with people's experiences and interests. How about an Amalfi Coast-themed candle? It’s like a ticket to the Italian coast, where the zesty citrus meets the charm of seaside living. It's about creating a story that people can relate to, be it through a fragrance that reminds them of a vacation spot or one that captures the essence of a trending lifestyle. 

Incorporating these cultural cues into your candles invites your customers into an experience. Each candle becomes a conversation piece, a relatable fragment of the world they know and love, right there in their living space. That's the real upgrade—candles that light up an idea, a memory, a trend.

Whimsical shapes

A selection of fun-shaped candles from various sellers on <span data-mce-fragment="1"><a href="https://www.etsy.com/market/fun_shaped_candle" data-mce-fragment="1" data-mce-href="https://www.etsy.com/market/fun_shaped_candle">Etsy marketplace</a></span>.

Quirky, whimsical shaped candles are the new showstoppers in home décor, offering a playful twist to traditional candle forms. Gone are the days of standard stick or pillar candles; now, it’s all about fun, unexpected shapes that can range from elegant spirals to imaginative figures. These candles make great conversation pieces, infusing personality and style into any room. 

Places like Etsy are the perfect stage for these creative candles, showcasing an array of sellers who bring all sorts of shapes to life. You might find candles shaped like elegant swirls, perfect for a chic dinner party, or those moulded into whimsical figures, adding a playful touch to any space. Some candles take the form of geometric patterns, offering a modern twist, while others might resemble animals, objects or abstract art. 

These fun-shaped candles are a hit for their ability to cater to various tastes and décor themes. They're perfect for those looking to add a unique touch to their home or searching for a gift that stands out. With their growing popularity, incorporating these creatively shaped candles into your product line could be a delightful way to bring joy, art and light into your customers' lives.

Men’s candles

A men’s Oudh Accord &amp; Gold candle from <span data-mce-fragment="1"><a href="https://www.moltonbrown.co.uk/store/collections/mesmerising-oudh-accord-gold/mesmerising-oudh-accord-gold-signature-candle/CAN174HR" data-mce-fragment="1" data-mce-href="https://www.moltonbrown.co.uk/store/collections/mesmerising-oudh-accord-gold/mesmerising-oudh-accord-gold-signature-candle/CAN174HR">Molton Brown</a></span>, poured into a sleek, dark vessel.

The rise in self-care isn't just for women; men are increasingly getting in on the act, and what better way to embrace this than with candles specifically crafted for them? The world of men's candles is expanding, moving beyond stereotypes to embrace a range of scents that cater to masculine preferences. 

These candles often feature deeper, more robust scents that can transform any space into a den of comfort. Take a Tobacco & Oak scent, for example—it's both grounding and sophisticated, offering a subtle nod to classic masculinity while still fitting perfectly in the modern man's world. These scents are less about being overtly masculine and more about evoking a sense of calm, strength and relaxation. 

In terms of packaging and design, men's candles are stepping away from the traditional and embracing a more contemporary aesthetic. Think minimalist labels, sleek lines and a colour palette that resonates with masculine tones. The design is key in appealing to the male demographic—it’s about creating a look that feels at home in a gentleman's study or a modern living space.

Illuminating the 2024 market

For candle brand owners eyeing the future, these trends are your insights into what your customers will be seeking. Embrace these ideas to keep your brand glowing strong and bright. 

New to candle-making? Start with our beginner’s guide, and if you’re dreaming of turning this passion into a business, our launch tips are your go-to. Whether you're crafting whimsical shapes or exploring bold new scents, remember: in the candle world, candle design trends light the way.

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