Your Fragrance Feedback

Your Fragrance Feedback

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We want to start by saying a big thanks to everyone who completed our fragrance feedback survey earlier this month. We know we have many customer favourites and get a lot of feedback on our fragrance oils; it’s been great to get a bit more insight into what you think and how you use them. See the key summaries below… 


Your Top 5 Spa Fragrances
Your Top 5 Christmas Fragrances
#1- Black Amber & Lavender  #1 - Gingerbread Cookies
#2 - Sleepy Head  #2 - Clove, Orange & Cedarleaf 
#3 -  Dreamy Days  #3 - Spiced Orange 
#4 - Snug as a Bug  #4 - Festive Garland 
#5 - Egyptian Amber  #5 - Nana’s Kitchen 
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Where do you use your fragrances? 

It’s been incredible to see the rise of wax melts over the past few years, and your feedback has confirmed these are now the most popular medium for enjoying our fragrances. 

- Wax Melts 89%

- Candles 74%

- Reed Diffusers 46%

- Room Sprays 17%

- Soaps 11%

- Bath and Body 10%

- Perfumes 1%

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Well scented spaces

Enjoying fragrance in the lounge was the most common room with 100% of our participants doing so. This was followed closely by the bedroom and bathroom. With fragrances also being enjoyed in the kitchen and study. Perhaps these last two are likely a result of us spending more time cooking and working from home in recent times! 

What’s in a name? 

Quite a lot apparently, you can recap our earlier blog covering  the complexity of fragrance names. In our survey it was close with 54% of people preferring descriptive names, while 46% preferred names that describe the feeling they capture. 

With many of our makers turning to online orders during various lockdowns and other restrictions, we believe it’s important to cover both when selling your fragrance products so that customers know what to expect when they’re unable to smell them as they would at a market or in-store. 

Surprises aplenty 

A few fragrances that sold better than makers expected include: 

- Rhubarb and Elderflower 

- Fresh Ginger and Green Tea

- Snug as a Bug 

- Sleepyhead 

- Wild Lemongrass

Also a few comments speaking to the popularity of Vanilla fragrances despite them being overlooked by a few makers for not being very exciting - we guess you can’t beat a classic! 

Other comments 

The survey feedback showed a clear preference for strong fragrances, opposed to subtle! 

As expected, there’s a significant seasonal component to demand for different fragrances - with warm, comforting scents performing well in the colder months and fresh, fruity scents doing better in the warmer weather. 

Keep the conversation going

If you're yet to join our  Candle Makers UK Facebook Group, it’s a great place to hear what other makers are saying about our supplies and a great place to ask any questions you have and to see what others are asking. 

We know many makers rely on our customers' reviews to get an idea of what a fragrance is like to work with. Whether you love, like or dislike a fragrance, we invite you to leave a review on our website so others can benefit from your experience. 

Disclaimer: the above feedback was provided from a small number of our total customers. For everyone that loves a fragrance oil, there will be someone that doesn’t, the above feedback may not reflect our own experiences with a fragrance. As always, we encourage you to do your own testing for each new fragrance oil.  


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Agreed but my customers love Japanese honeysuckle! And yes VERY VANILLA. A firm favourite just ordered a bigger bottle!

I love Australian bush please don’t stop sticking that one!

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