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A Scent Throwdown: Wax Melts vs Candles

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Nothing beats settling into a cosy evening, a book in hand, soft music playing in the background and the delicate scent of lavender or vanilla wafting through the air. The question is: Are you lighting a candle or switching on a wax melt warmer? 

The fiery debate between wax melts vs candles isn't just about the aroma. Desired ambience, safety considerations and age-old traditions also play a part. Whether you're a seasoned candle-maker or someone who simply loves to indulge in aromatherapy after a long day, understanding the pros and cons of both these wax wonders can enhance your experience. 

But before we get down to the nitty-gritty, let’s find out more about the newcomer to the world of home fragrance. 

What are Wax Melts?

A white wax melt bar positioned next to its branded packaging. Sourced from Avobath.

The modern counterpart to the traditional candle, wax melts are fragranced pieces of wax that release their scent when melted, not burned. Devoid of a wick, these aromatic wonders get their essence from warmers, filling the room with captivating aromas.

Their popularity isn't just tied to their scent. They’re adored for aromatic therapy, enhancing ambience and as an alternative where open flames aren't the best fit. And if you’re feeling creative, check out some of the more unconventional methods of releasing the aromas of wax melts without a burner.

What We Love About Wax Melts

Scent Longevity

One of the standout features of wax melts is their knack for lingering in the air. Unlike traditional candles that burn their fragrance, wax melts gently release their scent as they melt. This gradual process often means your space stays fragrant for longer. 

No Open Flame

In busy households, especially ones with energetic youngsters or adventurous pets, the absence of an open flame can be quite reassuring. Using wax melts in an electric burner gives you the luxury of indulging in relaxing scents without the usual fire safety concerns tied to candles. A serene way to set the mood, minus the flame.

Cleaner Burn

Anyone who's ever had to scrub off soot from walls can attest to the appeal of a cleaner alternative. Enter wax melts. Without a wick and flame, they eliminate soot altogether. This not only ensures your décor remains untarnished, but it also offers a healthier environment for those sensitive to smoke or pollutants.


While there's an undeniable charm in splurging on a high-end candle now and then, wax melts often deliver a comparable aromatic punch at a more palatable price point. For those who crave frequent fragrance switches without denting their pockets, wax melts can be a wonderful solution.

Points to Ponder About Wax Melts

Requires Equipment

Venturing into the world of wax melts means getting acquainted with warmers or burners. This initial piece of equipment is crucial to get started. While it's a one-time investment, it's something to factor in when comparing the costs and convenience with traditional candles.

Aesthetic Appeal

The soothing flicker, the gentle glow, the dance of the flame—these are experiences unique to candles. Wax melts, although rich in fragrance, don't offer the same visual allure. It's a distinction to consider, especially if ambience plays a crucial role in your relaxation rituals.

The Mess

Shifting between fragrances and addressing the remnants of melted wax can sometimes call for a bit of patience and finesse. While the allure of wax melts is undeniable, ensuring a smooth experience might require a few tips and tricks to keep things spick and span.

Candles: A Brief Glimmer

A lit 3-wick candle positioned on a bath tray. Sourced from Pexels.

For centuries, candles have been a beacon of light, warmth and comfort. Beyond their practical use, they've transformed spaces with the ambience they create. While their essence remains timeless, today's candles are a fusion of art, science and sensory delight. Whether you're illuminating a quiet evening or crafting a fragrant ambience, candles never fail to bring a touch of magic.

Why We Love Candles


Candles have this magical touch, turning ordinary moments into something special. The gentle flicker, casting warm, dancing shadows across the room, is an experience in itself. It's not just about the scent; it's the warm, inviting, and atmospheric glow that can transform a space, making evenings cosier and baths more luxurious.

No Equipment Needed

Simplicity is a strong suit for candles. Just strike a match, and you're good to go. There's no need for burners, warmers, or electricity—just the age-old method of fire meeting wick. It's this straightforwardness, this lack of fuss, that makes candles so appealing. 

Traditional Charm

Lighting a candle often feels like a ritual, a tradition passed down through generations. For some, it's reminiscent of birthdays, festive celebrations, or power outages turned into family bonding sessions. Candles carry with them a sense of nostalgia, a bridge connecting us to childhood memories.

Points to Ponder About Candles

Fire Hazard

With beauty comes a price. The open flame of a candle, while mesmerising, needs to be treated with respect. Especially in households with curious children or pets, it's crucial to follow candle safety guidelines to determine where you can safely place candles in your space. 

Soot Production

While candles provide a soothing sensory experience for both the eyes, nose and soul, they can sometimes leave behind a trace of their presence in the form of soot. This residue might require occasional clean-up, especially with candles that aren't designed to burn cleanly.

Shorter Scent Duration

For all their charm, candles might not always last as long in the fragrance department compared to wax melts. The process of burning can sometimes mean the scent disperses at a faster rate, making frequent relighting or replacement necessary.

Potential Cost

The artistry, materials, and craftsmanship behind quality candles can sometimes come with a higher price tag. For those who love indulging in premium fragrances and designs, it's worth noting the investment they might require over time—but don’t forget to consider the returns on your investment!

Final Thoughts: Candles vs. Wax Melts

To summarise, we’d say both candles and wax melts hold their owneach offering different yet equally enjoyable experiences. While candles bring with them a long-standing tradition and atmospheric glow, wax melts present a fresh, customisable approach to home fragrances. 

Ultimately, the choice comes down to your personal preferences and the kind of ambience you're aiming for. No matter your choice, you can make use of all of our waxes and fragrance oils in your scented creations. So, tell us: Are you team candle or wax melt? Leave your comments and reasons why below.

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NI Candle Supplies LTD
Mazzie Modelina

I much prefer wax melts! You get all the notes of the fragrance coming through and I melt them in my NI Candle Supplies cross burner, using a tea light (which I absolutely love). It does create a beautiful ambience and it means I’m not worried about flickering/dancing flames, the glass shattering or soot. Plus, there’s less waste as I recycle the wax melt packaging. Definitely wax melts❤️

NI Candle Supplies LTD
Elaine Mc kay

Give me a candle any day/time before a wax melt!
I just love the ambience and the flame, and of course the scent, so therapeutic 🔥🔥🔥

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