Create the ultimate candle inspired care package

Create the ultimate candle inspired care package

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In times of uncertainty, it can be difficult to show your loved ones you’re thinking about them. Whether they need cheering up or have an important event or birthday approaching, we often turn to gifts to show how much we care. In particular (and one currently very popular) is the idea of letterbox gifts and care packages.

A selection of hand picked gifts that fit nicely within a postable box sounds easy to put together in theory, but we often struggle knowing what to put in them. In this blog, we’re going to go through some of our favourite gifts to add into a care package as well as highlight some of the wonderful small businesses who took part in our Cross Promotion Scheme.

Start with a card

A necessity to any gift or birthday present, a greeting card tells your recipient who their care package is from and you can add your own personalised messages about why you’re sending it. Want to add even more personalisation to your gift? Why not support a small business and buy a handmade card from Etsy? Within a community of small businesses, it is also important to support others (outside of our own industry).

How to create the ultimate candle inspired care package

Add some chocolates or sweets

Who doesn’t like chocolate or sweets? That’s what makes this gift great for almost any occasion. Show them you know them by including their favourite types and add a cheap filler to complement your other gifts.

Adding the key gifts

Whenever we hear the phrase care package or letterbox gift, we immediately think pampering, food and relaxation. That’s why we often see socks and pjs included for comfort, mugs, hot chocolates and books for relaxation as well as all your favourite candle products.

If we were to build to the ultimate candle inspired care package, it would include:

  • A Candle
  • A Reed Diffuser
  • Wax Melts & Wax Burner
  • Hand Soaps
  • Room Sprays
  • And other well-being products

Our recent cross promotion scheme saw some great businesses come together to cross promote their products through social media campaigns and joint products. To highlight these amazing brands who want to support each other, we’ve given all readers of this blog insight into each of these brands to help inspire you with your care package ideas.

How to create the ultimate candle inspired care package


Candles can be a centre point for serenity and calm in the home. Accompanied by their favourite fragrance, it’s not a mystery why this can be one of the most popular gifts for a care package. Here are our cross promotion candle businesses:

Ireland Based Brands

Coastal Themed Brands

  • Coastal Melts - Relive seaside memories with coastal-inspired candles as well as shell charms, room sprays and carpet perfumes.
  • Happy Soul Scarborough - Inspired by nature, the sea & beauty found in everyday objects. Happy Soul Scarborough is based on the Yorkshire Coast.

Natural Mindfulness Brands

Eco and Vegan Friendly Brands

  • Coney Wood Candles - Focuses on using natural wax and prides themselves on their eco and vegan friendly candles and melts.
  • Molly & Me Candles - Unique in their eco approach using only recycled packaging, reusing and encouraging the reuse of boxes and glass candle jars with their glass return scheme
  • Scents By Artemis - All natural and eco-friendly brands from ingredients to packaging is key for these luxury woodwork scented candles. 
  • Biotika - Specialises in the manual production of soy candles, prepared with ecological soy wax, unbleached cotton wicks and natural essential oils.
  • Aureal Candles - Implementing a refillable candle scheme was key to create an environmentally friendly brand.
  • BOHO candle - Their burn & bloom candles come with a wildflower seed infused dust cover so you can turn your used candle into a wildflower plant pot. 
  • Dallas Candles - Homerun candle company which is plastic-free and zero waste. 3 years of great environmental consideration. 
  • Ignium Candle Co - Sells bespoke soy wax candles that are completely eco & vegan friendly.

Fragrance Focused Brands

Custom Labelling

If you’re interested in including a candle product in your care package, why not add a touch of personalisation? 9 of An Essence offers custom labelling service to their customers so you can add any message to your candle.

Candle Wax Melts

For those who like solid, aromatic smells you might want to include some wax melts in their care package. Not only can they be personalised by shape and scents, but they are also a great zero waste product for many businesses.

Personalised Gifts

Take your personalisation game one step further with Grace & Style designs Not only do they sell Candle Melts, but they also specialize in custom boxes, bags and other complimentary gifts.

Reed Diffusers

Reed Diffusers are a great alternative to getting fragrance into your home without the need for a flame. Below are some small businesses that also offer Reed Diffusers alongside their Candles and Wax Melts.

Why stop at candles?

You don’t need to stop at just candles of wax melts, we also have some great, alternative recommendations:

Finish off with a secure box

Once you’ve selected all your gifts, filled out your card and added your chocolates, make sure you put them inside a strong, secure box. Especially if you’re posting. Packing this out with some shredded paper, tissue paper or newspaper can help keep the items in place.

How to create the ultimate candle inspired care package

If you’re hand delivering your parcel you could select some wrapping paper or a gift bag to place your box in. Otherwise, if you’re sending this in the post, make sure you check with your postal services about packages sizes and sending. If you can upgrade to tracked delivery so you can make sure your gift is delivered.

We hope this blog has given you some inspiration on what you can do for others to create a unique, hand picked gift. We would love to see the care packages you create with each other or the cross promotion products and social media posts you create. Use the hashtags #NICandlesCrossPromotion so that we can see what you do!

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