Seasonal Candles

Seasonal Candles

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As seasons change, landscapes evolve and the atmosphere around us alters. Shouldn’t your candle range mirror these shifts? Does it reflect the freshness of spring mornings and the cosy ambience of winter evenings? If you’re keen to step up your candle business, keep reading to learn how to capitalise on seasonal trends through the medium of scent.  

What is a Seasonal Candle?

Seasonal candles encapsulate the unique scent profile of a particular time of year. Much like fashion and food choices, consumers' olfactory preferences shift with the changing seasons, enabling businesses to tap into these evolving preferences throughout the year. 

While a winter candle might evoke the cosy aroma of a roaring log fire, a summer candle might hint at a refreshing sea breeze or freshly cut grass. By lighting a seasonal candle, you can complement the world outside and create a perfectly attuned atmosphere indoors.

How Do You Find Seasonal Candles?

To curate a standout seasonal candle collection, it’s recommended to align product offerings with the dominant notes and sentiments of each season. This may require exploration, with product testing and customer feedback playing pivotal roles.

When browsing for wholesale scents, focus on seasonal collections (as we have outlined throughout this page) or delve deep into product descriptions for cues. Fragrance profiles usually provide indicators: spring might be fresh and floral, summer leans towards fruity and tropical, autumn embraces earthy and spicy, and winter gravitates towards warm and resinous.

Remember, a business's choice of seasonal fragrances should not only capture the essence of each season but also cater to the varied preferences of its clientele.

What to Look for When Buying Candles?

When stocking up on seasonal candle-making supplies, prioritise three main components: wax, wick, and fragrance. For the purpose of this guide, we'll highlight the significance of scent, but it's worth noting the importance of the other two components.

Soy wax candles, for instance, are in demand for their eco-friendly attributes and clean burn. Equally crucial is the wick's quality, ensuring consistent and efficient burning. Lastly, fragrance choice can make or break a product; always opt for premium fragrance oils that deliver a balanced scent throw—neither overwhelming nor barely noticeable.

At NI Candle Supplies, we ensure all these factors are taken care of with our exceptional range of products and expert guidance. Once you’ve familiarised yourself with the basics, take a look at our seasonal scents below so you can kickstart your candle-making journey. 

Spring Candles

As the icy grasp of winter recedes, the bloom of spring emerges—refreshing our senses with bright colours and crisp, clean scents. Hot sellers this season often include lighter, floral fragrances that embody the spirit of renewal and awakening.

Our Bluebells fragrance oil is reminiscent of a spring meadow bathed in morning dew. This gentle floral aroma pairs beautifully with the fresh, sunny feel of the season. Alternatively, Bergamot, Jasmine & Musk is a delicately layered bouquet that harmoniously balances the notes of citrus, floral, and musk to recreate a mix of nature’s finest spring scents.

Summer Candles

As we move towards the golden days of summer, many people like to enliven their homes with fragrances that capture the vibrant essence of the season. Citrus and tropical scents are recommended choices, appealing to consumers seeking refreshing indoor atmospheres. 

There’s a vibe for each setting. For example, our Coconut Lime fragrance oil transports you to an exotic island where sun-kissed beaches meet lush palm groves, while our Citrus, Musk & Patchouli offers a more sophisticated scent profile, perfect for balmy summer evenings.

Do People Buy Candles in Summer?

While many associate candles with the cosy atmosphere of colder months, summer candles introduce a fresh dimension to product lines. Scents can also conjure up memories and emotions, whether it’s a reminder of a blissful beach getaway or a simple reminder of your customer’s childhood garden. Not forgetting the practical benefits, for example, our Citronella fragrance oil may help keep mosquitoes at bay during warm, open-window nights.

Autumn Candles

As the leaves change colour and temperatures start to dip, our scent preferences follow suit. Autumn fragrances tend towards warm, rich, and earthy notes that mimic the hearty embrace of the season, and many consumers opt for a hint of spice at this time of year.

The Autumn Days fragrance oil captures this perfectly, embodying the crispness of fallen leaves and the subtle sweetness of ripe autumn fruits. For a more homely feel, Baker's Delight delivers the aroma of freshly baked goods—a comforting treat for chilly evenings.

And for those who love the spooky season, you can craft haunting Halloween candles using smoky and woody scents to create an eerie ambience, perfect for moonlit October nights.

Winter Candles

Winter brings along with it an ambience of warmth, celebration, and togetherness, and our fragrance choices should reflect these sentiments. We recommend opting for rich, warm scents that conjure up feelings of comfort and cosiness, like our Snug as a Bug blend that combines sensuous magnolia with the creamy depth of vanilla and sandalwood. 

Other go-to winter scents include earthy and resinous fragrances that strike a balance between opulence and tranquillity—characteristics that aptly sum up this season. Black Amber & Lavender and Black Rose & Oud are great options, but if you’re looking for the ultimate quintessential winter candle, Christmas Cheer is for you. It’s a luxurious blend of rich spices and winter fruits that capture the essence of joy-filled celebrations. 

We also have a dedicated Christmas scents section (because who doesn’t love the festive season?!). Create your own winter wonderland with homemade Christmas candles.

It’s Always Time to Craft Seasonal Candles

In the competitive candle market, NI Candle Supplies is your trusted partner, committed to ensuring your business stays ahead of the curve. Our varied fragrance oils cater to every season, equipping your business to resonate with consumers all year round.

Whether you’re a well-established brand or a start-up, we’re geared to assist you in crafting unique, high-calibre candles. Let's embrace the shifting seasons and curate fragrances that not only reflect nature's rhythms but also appeal to a wide consumer base.

Ready to revolutionise your product line and keep your customers enthralled throughout the year? 

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Thanks for your comment Lynn. We would suggest double wicking for a 50cl candle, please email us with the diameter of the vessel, so we can suggest a wick size to commence testing with.

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