Everything You Need to Create Your Own Soap-Making Kit

Everything You Need to Create Your Own Soap-Making Kit

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Soap making—it's the modern-day wizardry where oils, fragrances and colours come alive in your hands. It's not just about the end product; it's the whole enchanting process that hooks you in. Whether you're looking for that 'eureka' moment as a casual crafter or chasing the entrepreneur's dream of a best-selling bath product, this is where it all begins.

There's something immensely gratifying about popping out a bar of soap that you've designed from scratch. For the hobbyists among us, it's a playful escape, a creative playground where the stress of the day melts away with the soap base. And for those with a business glint in their eye, it's the first pour of what could be a booming boutique brand.

Curating your soap-making kit is like gathering your potions for the perfect spell. It's more than just the practical; it's a curated collection of your soap-making aspirations, a tangible set of tools that helps to bring your vision to life. 

Ready to get started? Read on to know what soap-making supplies you need.  

Melt and pour soap bases

Melt-and-pour soap bases with clear and opaque cubes and herbs and petals

Roll up your sleeves and clear the counter; we're going back to basics. 

The heart of your soap-making kit is the soap base, and this is where the magic starts. You might think a base is just a base, but oh, how the subtleties matter! Whether you're aiming for a bar that's as clear as your conscience or as nourishing as a hug, the base you choose sets the stage. Check out this line-up:

White SLS-free soap base

First in the spotlight is the white SLS free base. It's the canvas of your soap-making artistry—pristine, unassuming and ready for whatever creative twists you've got up your sleeve. It's gentle on the skin and lets pigments pop, making it a favourite for those who love a splash of colour in their basin.

Clear SLS-free soap base

Next, we've got a clear SLS-free base. This one's a gem for embedding little treasures or for when you want your vibrant hues to shine through like stained glass. It's also SLS free, meaning it’s kinder to the skin and perfect for those with sensitive souls or bodies.

Natural goat milk soap base

Last but not least, the goat's milk melt and pour soap base is the cream of the crop for soap that needs an extra dollop of moisture. Rich, creamy and with a natural emollient touch, it's the go-to for soaps that your skin will drink up like a parched flower does rainwater.

In summary, each base has its own personality and perks, and choosing the right one can feel a bit like matchmaking. Will it be the moisturising embrace of goat's milk or the crisp blank slate of the white base? Perhaps the versatility of the clear base has caught your eye? Whichever you choose, it's the foundation of your soap-making kit, a faithful ally as you concoct, create and captivate with your sudsy creations.

Fragrance oils for soap

A selection of soap fragrance oils in dropper bottles among herbs and fruit.

If the soap base is the body, the fragrance is undoubtedly the soul of your creation. A scent can transport you, whisking you away to lavender fields or a zesty citrus grove with just a whiff. It's the fragrance that lingers on the skin and in the memory, long after the bubbles have gone down the drain. In soap making, it's not just about smelling nice; it's about crafting an experience, a mood and maybe even a statement.

But let's not forget, the nose knows what it likes, and it's important to cater to its whims. That's where fragrance oil blends step in, offering a symphony of scents to stir your soap-making spirit. They provide everything from the sweet whisper of vanilla to the bold proclamation of bergamot. Their fragrances are like the spices of the soap world; a dash here and a sprinkle there can concoct the perfect aroma.

Here are some classic soap scents to inspire your creations: 

Selecting the right fragrance oil isn't just about the scent itself—it's about understanding how it plays with others. Some fragrances are heady and potent, commanding attention, while others are subtle, playing well in a blend. Think about the profile of your soap—do you want it energising or soothing? Exotic or homey? The fragrance you choose can elevate the humble act of washing to a moment of pure indulgence.

In the alchemy of soap making, your fragrance choice is where your personality shines brightest. It's the signature that turns 'just a bar of soap' into an 'irresistible bar of soap' and keeps people coming back.

Assembling your soap-making kit

Essential soap-making equipment like a double-boiler and thermometer.

With your bases chosen and fragrances poised to enchant, assembling the rest of your soap-making kit is like gearing up for a culinary endeavour—you need the right tools for the job. It’s these instruments and extras that can transform your soapy vision into a tangible, touchable reality.

Melting equipment

Consider including a dedicated stainless steel pot or a microwave-safe bowl in your soap-making kit, depending on your preferred method. If you're using the double boiler method, you'll also need a heat source, like a kitchen stove or a hot plate and possibly a thermometer to closely monitor the soap's temperature. In a microwave, short bursts of heating with stirring in between are key to a smooth melt.

Soap bar moulds

Next, consider the moulds. They are not just containers but the sculptors of your soap's final form. From the simplicity of square moulds to the intricate designs that make each bar a piece of art, the variety is as vast as your imagination. Silicone moulds are a soap-maker's best friend, offering easy release and a clean finish, but don't shy away from experimenting with different shapes and materials.

Soap cutter or knife

Precision is key, so a reliable cutter or a sharp knife is essential to slice your set soap into perfect bars. Whether you’re cutting chunky cubes or slim, elegant slivers, the right cutter can make all the difference, ensuring uniformity and professionalism in every piece.

Each item in your soap-making kit contributes to the ease and joy of creation. It's about having the right tools at your fingertips, ready to bring to life the lush bars you've dreamed up. With every tool and supply, you're setting the stage for endless creative possibilities.

Personalising your soap-making kit

A selection of decorative elements and soap packaging suggestions.

If you’ve made it this far, you must be really serious about soap! Now it’s time to add a personal stamp to your homemade creations. These elements make up the pièce de resistance in your soap-making journey:

Decorative add-ins

  • Botanicals and naturals: Dried flowers, herbs and citrus zest can add a pop of colour and a hint of texture to your soaps. They're not just for show—they can subtly infuse your soap with natural scents and offer gentle exfoliation.
  • Exfoliants: Ground coffee, poppy seeds, oatmeal or sea salt can be mixed into your soap base to create an exfoliating experience. These natural additives cater to various skin types and preferences, allowing you to customize bars for different uses, from invigorating morning scrubs to gentle evening cleanses.
  • Colourants and micas: Personalise your palette with a rainbow of colourants. Whether you prefer bold and bright or soft and pastel, these pigments will let your creativity shine. Micas add shimmer, while natural clays and spices offer earthy tones.


  • Glitters and pearls: For a touch of glamour, consider biodegradable glitter or pearlescent additives. These can make your soaps stand out, especially for special occasions or as gifts.
  • Embeds: Small toys for kids' soaps or decorative elements like small hearts for Valentine’s Day can be embedded within clear soap bases, adding a fun surprise as the soap is used.

Packaging essentials

  • Wraps and papers: Choose from rustic butcher papers, elegant tissue wraps or clear cellophane to wrap your soaps. Each material offers a different look and feel, from earthy and organic to sleek and modern.
  • Labels and tags: Custom labels and tags are not just for branding; they’re also a canvas for storytelling. They can convey the soap's ingredients, scent and the story of its creation, making each bar even more special.
  • Boxes and containers: For a premium feel, consider packaging your soaps in boxes. Kraft boxes lend a handcrafted touch, while windowed boxes showcase the beauty of your soaps at first glance.
  • Twine and ribbons: The final flourish for your soap packaging can be a piece of twine, a colourful ribbon, or even a custom-printed tape. These finishing touches can turn a simple bar of soap into a thoughtful present.

Consider these extras and you'll not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of your soaps but also create a sensory and visual experience for yourself or your customers. Personalise each element to reflect the story you want your handmade soaps to tell. Looking for more inspo? Check out these standout soap ideas

Lather, rinse and reflect

As we draw the curtain on our soap-making showcase, it's clear that the craft extends far beyond suds. It's about the personal touch, the creative expression and the sheer joy of watching simple ingredients transform into something extraordinary. Each bar of soap is a narrative—of care, of craft and of character.

With your personalised soap-making kit, complete with NI Candle Supplies' superior bases and an array of fragrances, the journey from plain base to polished bar is both an art and an adventure. The decorative add-ins and thoughtful packaging are the cherries on top, turning each creation into a curated gem.

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