Ambient setting with rustic handmade candles and mini pumpkins.

How to Craft Spooky Halloween Candles

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October is looming, and all of us at NI Candle Supplies simply can’t wait for spooky season! From ghoulish games to scary stories, we’re all eager to dive into the Halloween spirit. And, if you're a candle enthusiast, it's time to get those creative juices flowing. Ready to make candles that scream Halloween yet whisper comforting autumnal notes? Join us on a spellbinding journey of DIY Halloween candles.

Frightening Fragrances  

Let’s be honest, scent is like a little magic trick for our noses. It can whisk us away to a memory, a feeling, or in this case, a season. NI Candle Supplies knows this all too well, and we’ve whipped up some Halloween scents to sprinkle that spooky magic right into your creations. 

Pumpkin Spice

Does anyone else get all fuzzy inside with just a whiff of pumpkin spice? It's like a big, snug jumper for the soul. This blend is all about those crunchy autumn walks, wrapped-up scarves, and perhaps a sneaky slice of pumpkin pie. Go on, bring that autumnal café vibe right into your living room.

Smoky Embers

Picture this: A cool night, friends gathered around a crackling bonfire and tales of ghostly adventures (some more made-up than others). That's what Smoky Embers feels like. It’s not just a ‘Halloween candle scent’, it's that feeling of being hypnotised by a story, the outside world forgotten. Kinda makes you want to grab a blanket and some marshmallows, doesn’t it?

Apple & Ginger Cake

If Halloween had a dessert table, this scent would be the star of the show. A heart-warming aroma among our comforting Autumn fragrance oils, it's like that perfect bite of a warm apple and ginger cake, maybe sneaked in before it's fully cooled. 

When hosting frightening festivities in your home, your Halloween-scented candles will cast spells with their enchanting aromascreating an eerie yet comforting ambience. Pure magic, if you ask us.

Pillar candles in glass vessels positioned among mini pumpkins in different colours.

Creepy Colours

Colours have a captivating way of telling stories, don't they? The right palette can effortlessly transport us to a world of wonder—or in our case, whisk us straight into a spellbinding Halloween setting. Let's unwrap this spooky spectrum of wax shades…

Black and Deep Purple

There's something inherently magical about these shades. Black and deep purple, they’re like the enchanted forests and twilight skies of Halloween tales. Ideal for evoking feelings of deep mystery and that adrenaline-pumping anticipation of what lurks in the shadows.

Orange and Rust

Ah, the warm embrace of autumn! These colours dance vividly on fallen leaves and light up Jack-O-Lanterns with cheeky grins. Lighting a candle in these shades? It’s like holding a piece of October's very soul, glowing warmly in your space.

Blood Red 

Dramatic? Absolutely. But isn't that what Halloween's all about? This shade brings that 'edge-of-your-seat' excitement to the room. Imagine a Halloween candle, pure and white, but with red wax trickling down its side, like stories of haunted manors and vampire tales. What a thrill!


Now, here's where the fun really kicks in. As night descends and the world goes dark, these candles break the mould. Suddenly, ghostly glows come alive, weaving an air of playful mystery. Ideal for little surprises and gasps of delight when the lights are snuffed out.

A white skull-shaped candle positioned next to flowers and a shell.

Spooky Shapes

Wax moulds can add even more magic to your haunting creations. Here are some spooky shape ideas to help you manifest your Halloween vision.


The allure of a candle shaped like a skull? Undeniable. Whether you're going for intricately detailed or chic minimalism, skull moulds are a go-to. Just melt, pour, and set your wax—then wait for the eerie magic to unfold.


An iconic Halloween staple! Expressive faces, spooky smiles or even a minimalist, faceless pumpkin—this shape never goes out of style.


Tombstone moulds, especially those with room for custom inscriptions or designs, can serve as haunting centrepieces. Melt your wax, pour it in, and watch as your graveyard masterpiece takes shape.

Classic Votive with a Twist

Don't underestimate the power of a simple votive. With the right decorative touches or a spooky wrap-around design, these can be just as bewitching. Alternatively, you could also opt for moulds that come with embedded designs for that added Halloween touch.

Wrapping Up for Spooky Season 

When it comes to setting the Halloween mood, it's often the subtle details that make the difference. Whether you're channelling the dark allure of a shadowy night or the playful spirit of a pumpkin patch, your candles are more than just decorative items; they're pieces of art that breathe life into the season. 

With the right scents, shades and shapes, you can transform any space into a Halloween haven, creating memories that will linger long after the candles have burned out. So, brush up on your candle-making knowledge, pick up your supplies and let’s get ready for the spooky season! 

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