How to use dye in your wax products

How to use dye in your wax products

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Following on from our post on using glitter in your wax melts, below we share more about another popular product, our dye chips. Unlike glitter and mica powder, our dyes are safe for use in candles and are a great choice for adding colour to your wax.

If you’re working with dyes for the first time, please keep in mind that different dyes will appear differently in different waxes. For example, soy wax often takes on a lighter tone and can produce a more pastel colouring. Adding more dye to your wax can deepen the colour. On the other hand, using dye in paraffin wax tends to produce a more vibrant colour, testing your dyes according to the type of wax you’re working with is critical to getting the colour right.

We love the fact that these dyes are simple to use with virtually no mess. Simply stir well into wax at around 70°C. We recommend using dye at 1 gram per kilo for a lighter colour, and at 2 grams per kilo for slightly deeper shades.

We offer dyes in 12 different colours to enhance your wax products and to complement your branding and fragrances, you can even experiment with mixing colours to create something unique to you.  

Try mixing the Light Rose dye with our new Bubblegum fragrance, Terracotta with Salted Caramel, or Violet with our best-selling Black Amber & Lavender fragrance. We think both Red and Olive are a great choice for your Christmas range too! 

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Our dyes are sourced from Bekro who are renowned for exceptional quality dyes that are simple to use and manufactured with a stabiliser and anti-oxidant system to minimise fading giving your products an amazing depth of colour.

If wax melts are your product of choice, try using our dyes alongside our glitter and mica powder to add an extra shine to your melts. Note that our glitter and mica powder products are not suitable for use in candles. 

We’re excited to see how you use these dyes alongside our other supplies, you can share your products with us on social media using #madewithnicandlesupplies  

We're also interested to know what your experience is like and what other colours you would like to see added in future, we encourage you to leave a review on each dye you try or comment below with your thoughts and suggestions.

Please note that colours will vary with the type of wax used and may look different once cooled, and as with all our products, we encourage plenty of testing to ensure you’re happy with the end result.

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NI Candle Supplies LTD

What’s the size of your chunky glitter? Like each particle in mm
Thank you
NI Candle Supplies LTD replied:
Thanks for your comment Aninha. Our glitter is mineral based to be better for the environment and doesn’t have a specific particle size, rather our chunky EcoSparks range has been designed to mimic the effect of chunky glitter in the finished product. 


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