NI Candle Supplies Customer Touch Point Survey - August Feedback

NI Candle Supplies Customer Touch Point Survey - August Feedback

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Thank you again to everyone who took part in August’s Customer Touchpoint Survey. We’ve had some great feedback again which is going to help influence what we will and won’t be looking into, and what changes we’d like to bring to the store.

In this blog, we are going to give you an honest and data-driven breakdown of our thoughts, plans and improvements for NI Candle Supplies and how we will continue to actively grow and support the candle making community.

If you need more insight about this survey is or how you could take part next time, please see our other blog linked here.

General Statistics and Points for Improvement

Before we dive straight in, we wanted to give you a general idea of how the survey was received by our Mailing List.

In total, we had 50 visits to our survey, of which 43 people responded. This meant we had a completion rate of 87.8% and the average time to complete the survey was 3 minutes and 18 seconds.

On reflection of this survey, with the schools breaking up and everyone starting their summer holidays, we feel this survey wasn’t sent at the best time which may be the reason why we had fewer responses. Therefore, we’d like to change these surveys to go out annually in the New Year where we feel makers may have more time to respond.

It will also give us more scope for questions and more time to introduce new items. For example, we are still working through requests from the last survey so we’d like to get these ready on-site before asking what we should do next.

Our Immediate Plan and Changes to the Website

Reed Diffuser Packaging

We wanted to let everyone know and confirm that Reed Diffuser Packaging will be available from September. We’ve seen a great response to the Reed Diffuser range so we’re very excited to be able to introduce this shortly. We will also be introducing a small diffuser bottle in a different design which will be available by October.

Expanding our Fragrance Oil Range

We know that our Fragrance Oils are very popular amongst Candle Makers, therefore, we wanted to see if there were any types of fragrances you would like to see more of. We’ll be using the results below and from the custom requests as a guide for the next fragrances we introduce to our store.

We’ve also started grouping our oils into different categories to make them easier to search for. For example, if you’re looking for Spa fragrances, the spa fragrance oils will be grouped together.

NI Candle Supplies Customer Touch Point Survey - August Feedback

What we are looking into:

Green Packaging Options

Currently, we use biodegradable loose fill when sending orders to our customers, but we wanted to see if candle makers would like more green packaging options like paper tape and green bubble wrap. It was great to see 76.7% of you were interested in this, so we’re going to start investigating more eco options for our packaging and will be changing to green alternatives where possible.

NI Candle Supplies Customer Touch Point Survey - August Feedback

However to introduce these options, they do come at a higher cost, so we also asked those interested if they would be happy to pay extra for green options and how much. We will likely increase prices by £1-2 per order as this is what the majority of people were willing to pay extra, however, we need to look into this further before making a final decision.

Bi-Monthly Newsletters

Although we currently send out new blogs to the mailing list, we were also wondering if candle makers would like to receive a Bi-Monthly Newsletter which includes our latest blog, updates on the business and any new products we’ve introduced.

NI Candle Supplies Customer Touch Point Survey - August Feedback

It was great to see such an overwhelmingly positive result to this question and we already have a few people signed up to our Newsletter list. Therefore we’d like to extend this question out to our Mailing List and send the Newsletter to those who want to receive it.

There are some things we can’t do:

We’ve had a few requests over the surveys about introducing custom made boxes with samples or lower minimum order quantities, however, we aren’t able to offer this due to restrictions placed on us by the manufacturer. We’d suggest contacting companies like The Tiny Box Company or Naked Design as they can assist with bespoke packaging at lower minimum order quantities.

We also asked if you’d like to see biodegradable glitter and mica added to our range but the responses were mostly no. Based on these results, we won’t be proceeding with these additional ranges just yet but we will review them again next year.

NI Candle Supplies Customer Touch Point Survey - August Feedback

Future Blog Topics

Due to responses in our last Customer Touch Point Survey, we decide to have an NICS Double Points Day where you could gain extra points from your purchases. Therefore this time we wanted to see how people felt about this. It became apparent that 18.6% of people didn’t have NI Rewards and 58.1% of people didn’t take part.

NI Candle Supplies Customer Touch Point Survey - August Feedback

We think the reason behind this could be because candle makers are unaware of what NI Rewards are or how they can sign up to them. Therefore our next blog is going to focus on NI Rewards, how you can sign up, what you get points for, and how you can take part in the next Double Points Day.

And Finally, Thank You Again!

There you have it, our completed notes on what we’d like to achieve based on your feedback. Although we can’t do everything, we hope the changes listed above are well received and something candle makers would like to see.

We’d also like to say a big thank you to 83.7% of you who rated NI Candle Supplies Customer Service 5/5 stars. As a small team, we are always happy to see that you’re happy with the service you receive from NICS. Not to mention all the kind words you left us in the Feedback section of the survey.

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NI Candle Supplies LTD
julie moulds

Really interesting read and its great to be informed about future developments. Im really looking forward to the new diffuser vessels and packaging. Great to know that NIcandles are asking customers customers their thoughts and are listening to their requests. Love the products and service here.x

NI Candle Supplies LTD
elaine mc kay

whao I find this survey very interesting,i think ni have covered a lot well done.cant wait for the spa scents…nice to see a company keeping us up to date and having our interests at heart.brill service and products xx

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