NI Candle Supplies Customer Touchpoint Surveys - All you need to know

NI Candle Supplies Customer Touchpoint Surveys - All you need to know

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At NI Candle Supplies, we understand the way we run our business affects the way you can run yours. Whether you rely on us for your candle making supplies or for our knowledge and advice, as a customer you put a lot of trust in those who help you grow your business.

To continue actively helping the UK’s largest and most supportive candle making community grow, we’re launching the NICS Customer Touchpoint Survey. To learn more about these surveys and whether you’d like to participate, here are some common questions and answers:

What is the NICS Customer Touchpoint Survey?

The NICS Customer Touchpoint Survey is an initiative we’d like to introduce to develop our understanding of what our customers need/want to continue growing their hobby or business. Following numerous product and guidance requests, we felt the Customer Touchpoint Surveys would provide an excellent feedback opportunity for our customers.

How will it work?

To stay up to date with industry changes and seasonal holidays, we propose having a Customer Touchpoint Survey every 3 months, starting in March. We’ll be sharing the surveys in the middle of these months to the NI Candle Supplies mailing list and Candle Makers UK Facebook Group where recipients will have a week to respond.

What will the surveys include?

It’s in our best interest to get a well-rounded picture of what our customers think and want, therefore we will divide the surveys into three sections:

NICS Services

There’s always something we think we could change or improve upon at NI Candle Supplies however we’d like to hear what you think. In this section, we are going to suggest and explain 3-4 of our own product/service ideas which we’d We’d like respondents to give feedback on.

Customer Service Ratings

This will be your opportunity to give NI Candle Supplies a rating on our customer service. We will ask 2 or 3 questions in this area like: ‘How happy are you with NI Candle Supplies Facebook message response rate?’ Respondents will then rate us accordingly.


For any request regarding products, stock, offers, services etc, this section is dedicated to anything you’d like to see at NI Candle Supplies in 2019 and you’ll have free range to suggest your ideas.

How will the NICS Customer Touchpoint Survey benefit my business?

Once we’ve finished accepting survey responses, we will create a report of our findings which we will then share with you in the form of a blog post. We’re aiming to include common areas of feedback from our customers as well as proposing ideas and actions to take forward as a result of what you say.

 The core purpose of the NICS Customer Touchpoint Surveys is to develop our understanding of what customer need and want. We’ll be able to implement changes and add new features to benefit the vast majority of you, but most importantly we’ll be working together to help and grow the UK’s candle making community.


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