What’s New at NI Candle Supplies

What’s New at NI Candle Supplies

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Quick update from our end––NI Candle Supplies has rolled out some changes that we’re eager to share with you. We want to make your regular purchases smoother, your shipping faster and your options greener; so we’ve got some solid updates on bulk purchases, a shift in our parcel delivery and a new way to offset carbon emissions. Let’s walk you through these new features!

Update #1: Bulk purchase incentives

Image of a piggy bank with savings. Source Unsplash.

Saving on supplies should be straightforward—no hoops, no hassles. We’ve revamped our bulk purchase incentives to make stocking up more beneficial for you. Here’s what’s new and improved:

Buy 2+ 500ml bottles for a 5% discount

We recognize that when you find fragrance oils you love, you’re likely to use them in a large proportion of your creations. That’s why we’re excited to introduce a new discount scheme specifically for our 500ml bottles. Now, when you buy two or more bottles of the same scent, you’ll automatically receive a 5% discount on those bottles. This discount applies directly to your cart, making it easy to save as you shop.

Even bigger savings for bulk buying

For those of you looking to purchase in even larger quantities, we’ve got you covered too. You can now pre-order fragrance oils in bulk with the following discounts:

  • 5kg orders: Enjoy a 7.5% discount off an equivalent volume in 500ml bottles.
  • 10kg orders or more: Save 10% compared to the 500ml bottle price.

These bulk options are not just about the savings, they’re also about convenience. Orders will be packaged in 5kg or 10kg drums (scroll down to learn about our new packaging), depending on your choice, ensuring safe and efficient transport. Keep in mind that the lead time for dispatch from our warehouse is approximately 3 weeks. Planning ahead will be key to making the most of these savings opportunities.

Important note on mixed orders

If your order includes both in-stock products and pre-order items, we will dispatch the entire order once all items are available. This means your products will arrive together, minimising the environmental impact and shipping costs.

With these updated purchasing incentives, we aim to help you manage your supplies more effectively while keeping costs down. Whether experimenting with new scents or producing your signature candles in larger quantities, these changes are designed to improve your experience with us. 

Update #2: Carbon Offset Initiative 

Building on our commitment to minimise environmental impact at NI Candle Supplies with actions such as dispatching orders together to reduce shipping emissions, we're taking our efforts a step further with the new Carbon Offset Initiative. This initiative is a straightforward way for you to join us in making every order a positive action for the planet, further reducing our collective environmental footprint.

A screenshot of the Carbon Offset Initiative feature on an NI Candle Supplies order confirmation.

How to Opt In

When you're ready to check out, you'll notice an option to add a carbon offset to your cart. It’s just a tick box, but ticking it means you’re making a big leap for sustainability. For a small additional fee, you contribute to projects that actively reduce carbon emissions—think reforestation or renewable energy projects. These are carefully selected initiatives, proven to have an environmental impact.

The difference you can make

Every tick is a brick in the foundation of a greener future. In choosing to offset your carbon footprint, you help fund initiatives that are not only about reducing carbon but also about creating sustainable communities worldwide. It’s your way of demonstrating you care for the environment and are doing something about it. And this choice brings us all a step closer to a sustainable craft industry.

Will you jump on board?

Getting involved is easy. Like we said, just select the carbon offset option next time you order, and you’ll be part of something bigger. As you continue to fuel your passion for candle making, you’ll also be fuelling positive change, showing that what’s good for the earth is good for business.

We're excited about this new journey and hope you are too. Together, with just a few clicks and a small additional fee, we can make a substantial impact.

Update #3: Switch to DPD shipments

Big news on the delivery front! We've switched to DPD for all our mainland UK, Scottish Highlands & Islands, Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland shipments. Why? Because we're committed to streamlining the shipping experience from our warehouse to your doorstep.

An image of a DPD driver delivering parcels

Why DPD? 

DPD is renowned for its reliable service levels and stellar notification system. What this means for you is no more guesswork. You’ll get real-time updates and precise delivery windows. Gone are the days of waiting around all day for a package. DPD notifies you when your shipment is getting close, letting you plan your day without worrying about missing your delivery.

The perks keep coming

It’s not just about knowing when your package will arrive; it’s also about getting it faster and at a lower cost. We’ve worked out a deal with DPD that allows us to offer reduced shipping rates. For our friends in Europe, most services have also transitioned to DPD, bringing with it the advantage of weight breaks. This means significant savings—up to 50% off in some cases compared to previous rates.

Faster and more secure

DPD's advanced tracking technology ensures that you can follow your parcel every step of the way, providing added security and peace of mind. Faster delivery times mean you get what you need when you need it, perfect for when you’re in a creative flow and just can’t wait to start your next project.

Ready to place your next order? Rest assured, it’ll be a smooth ride from click to candle.

Update #4: New drum packaging for bulk orders

Now, another update on the delivery process: packaging. As part of our ongoing commitment to improve every facet of our service, we're rolling out new packaging changes specifically designed to enhance the safety and efficiency of your bulk orders.

Introducing packaging drums 

For those of you buying in bulk—whether it’s 5kg or 10kg of your favourite fragrance oils—we’ve introduced new, robust drum packaging. They are designed to ensure that your oils stay safe, secure and in pristine condition, from our warehouse to your workspace.

A stack of parcels in front of a white wall. Source Unsplash.

Tailored sizing for easier handling

The new drum sizes are not only easier to handle but also help maintain the integrity of the fragrance oils during transit. This means less risk of leaks and spills and more assurance that what you ordered arrives in the condition you expect.

Sustainable and efficient 

Alongside improving safety, these drums are a step forward in our sustainability efforts. They're reusable and designed to minimise waste, aligning with our broader environmental commitments, like our Carbon Offset Initiative. Mention these features in your own marketing initiatives for extra eco-credentials.

As always, we aim to make your bulk purchasing process as seamless and satisfactory as possible. When your next bulk order arrives in its new drum, we hope you’ll notice the upgrade in quality. 


Update #5: Customer experience improvements 

And finally, we're always refining our processes at NI Candle Supplies to make your experience better from start to finish. Whether you're shopping for fragrance oils or receiving your deliveries, we want every step to feel smooth and straightforward.

Support when you need it

Changes can take a bit of getting used to, so we've bolstered our customer service to facilitate this process. If you have questions about our new bulk order discounts, need clarity on our Carbon Offset Initiative, or are curious about how our new shipping arrangements work, our team is just a call or email away. They’re knowledgeable and ready to help you make the most of our services.

A better online experience

Image showing shipping options on NI Candle Supplies cart page

We’ve added a shipping cost estimator at the cart page, so it’s even easier than before to know when you’ve hit that free shipping sweet spot. Now, it’s simpler to understand what you’ll be paying, and check out quickly. This means less time clicking around and more time creating.

Updated NI Rewards program 

Alongside these improvements, we’ve recently made changes to the NI Rewards program to make it more beneficial for you. Earning and using points is now more straightforward, helping you get more from your purchases.

Again, if there’s anything you need, we’re here to ensure your shopping journey is as efficient as possible.

Wrapping up what’s new 

As you can see, we’ve been busy rolling out these updates and initiatives to make your experience even better while reducing our collective carbon footprint. Enjoy new bulk discounts that let you save as you scale, eco-friendly shipping options with our switch to DPD, and packaging that keeps your products safe while supporting sustainability. Plus, our new Carbon Offset Initiative lets you help the planet with each order.

We’re wholeheartedly committed to meeting your needs and doing so responsibly. Head over to our website, explore the changes and see how they can enhance your crafting and benefit the environment. As always, we're here to help every step of the way.

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