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8 Eggcellent Ideas for Making Easter Candles

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Easter's right around the corner, and while everyone's getting hyped up for egg hunts and chocolate galore, we're taking a creative detour. Imagine your workspace, be it a snug studio or a lively store, now add a touch of Easter magic with some bespoke, themed candles. 

In this post, we're talking all things Easter candles––mixing a bit of tradition with a dash of creativity, and yes, a good dose of whimsy too. These ideas are perfect for candle brand veterans aiming to wow their audience, as well as for the crafting aficionados looking to sprinkle some Easter spirit into their projects. 

So, let’s hop into this rabbit hole of Easter candle crafting and see where it leads us!

Is Easter a good time to market candles?

Although candle sales famously surge in the colder months, that’s not to say Easter isn’t a good time to sell them. Think about it: Easter's not just about bunnies and chocolate eggs; it's a vibe, a splash of colour after a dreary winter. This is where you, the candle gurus, come in. Easter is the perfect excuse (not that we need one) to get all creative with your candle game. 

At this time of year, everyone is looking to shake off the winter blues and freshen up their spaces. Enter your Easter candles: seasonal mood-setters in fresh spring scents, quirky shapes and pastel colours. And what about the opportunity to illuminate yours (or your customers’) Easter lunch table? A couple of well-placed, elegantly crafted candles on the table––and voila, you’ve instantly upped the ambiance. 

So, with all that said, Easter is more than a good time: it’s a goldmine for candle makers. It’s when your creations can really shine (pun intended), capturing the essence of renewal and joy that Easter embodies. It’s not about pushing sales; it’s about being part of the Easter magic with every flickering flame. 

Chocolate-scented candles

A Chocolate Truffle candle in a tin from <span data-mce-fragment="1"><a href="" data-mce-fragment="1" data-mce-href="">Wicked The Candle Shop</a></span>.

When you think of Easter, chocolate is probably one of the first things that springs to mind, right? Well, why not bring that classic Easter treat into your candle collection? Crafting chocolate-scented candles is like a dream for those with a sweet tooth (or nose, in this case). Start by choosing a rich chocolate fragrance oil––think Chocolate Truffle or Hot Cocoa––to capture that irresistible aroma. 

Instead of making them resemble actual chocolate, focus on capturing the essence through scent and colour. Use brown dye chips to give your candles a warm, inviting hue, reminiscent of chocolate's richness. Emphasise in your marketing that while these candles carry the irresistible aroma of chocolate, they're purely for olfactory delight, i.e. make sure to stick on a clear ‘DO NOT EAT’ label on the vessel. 

Egg-shaped candles

A pair of golden, marbled egg-shaped candles in different sizes from <span data-mce-fragment="1"><a href="" data-mce-fragment="1" data-mce-href="">Conscious Craft</a></span>.

We all love a good chocolate egg, but let's switch things up a bit. Egg-shaped candles are a quirky, fun addition to any Easter collection. You can go two ways here: trendy and minimalist or cute and colourful. 

For the minimalist approach, think sleek, simple designs in soft, monochromatic hues. They’ll add a touch of class to any space. Or, if you’re feeling more playful, craft smaller, vibrant egg-shaped candles. Think pastels, brights, maybe even some glitter. And for an extra touch of Easter fun, why not package these little gems in a classic egg box? 

It’s a whimsical nod to traditional Easter eggs and a sure-fire way to make your candles stand out. This is about bringing a little Easter joy, in a way that's a bit different from the norm, but just as delightful. 

Bunny-shaped candles

A geometric bunny-shaped candle from <span data-mce-fragment="1"><a href="" data-mce-fragment="1" data-mce-href="">54celsius</a></span>.

Hop into the Easter spirit with bunny-shaped candles. These aren't your ordinary candles; think geometric shapes, bold lines, drawing inspiration from modern art pieces like those from 54celsius. They're a playful twist on the traditional Easter bunny, perfect for adding a quirky touch to your collection. 

Whether it's soft pastels for a classic look or vibrant shades for a pop of colour, these bunny candles are sure to grab attention. Ideal for sprucing up Easter brunch tables or as themed gifts, they bring a smile and a touch of festive fun. Plus, they're a great way to get into the Easter mood without going overboard.

Jesus sculpture candles

A large headstone-style Jesus sculpture candle from <span data-mce-fragment="1"><a href=";currency=GBP&amp;utm_medium=product_sync&amp;utm_source=google&amp;utm_content=sag_organic&amp;utm_campaign=sag_organic&amp;srsltid=AfmBOooa4EuJpucAw23b5r-6XyJJ0wbXnHI4q-rpEG4xq5P7LLBW1-trttI" data-mce-fragment="1" data-mce-href=";currency=GBP&amp;utm_medium=product_sync&amp;utm_source=google&amp;utm_content=sag_organic&amp;utm_campaign=sag_organic&amp;srsltid=AfmBOooa4EuJpucAw23b5r-6XyJJ0wbXnHI4q-rpEG4xq5P7LLBW1-trttI">Vendeo</a></span>

Sculpture candles are taking the candle industry by storm, and what better way to join this trend than with Jesus sculpture candles for Easter? Capturing the essence of the season, these candles, reminiscent of the headstone-style pieces from Vendeo, blend art with reverence. 

They're not just about the burn; they're about making a statement. Perfect for those who cherish Easter's religious roots, these candles can be a centrepiece of Easter observances or a respectful décor addition. They offer a way to connect with the holiday's deeper meanings, combining spirituality with the warmth and ambiance of a candle. It's about honouring tradition in a contemporary, artistic form.

Paschal candles 

A traditional Paschal candle with a cross pattern from <span data-mce-fragment="1"><a href="" data-mce-fragment="1" data-mce-href="">HAYES &amp; FINCH</a></span>.

Paschal candles are a traditional symbol of Easter, representing Christ as the light of the world. These tall, often white candles are usually adorned with a cross, the alpha and omega symbols, and the current year. 

Wondering how to craft a paschal candle with its intricate patterns? Start with a large, plain pillar candle. Use beeswax sheets or carving tools to create intricate designs. Adding the cross and other symbols can be done with stencil and paint or by gently imprinting into the wax. 

For a personal touch, embed small, decorative beeswax pieces in contrasting colours. These candles are not just décor; they're central to Easter's religious ceremonies and family traditions.

Tapered candles

A selection of yellow and golden tapered candles from <span data-mce-fragment="1"><a href="" data-mce-fragment="1" data-mce-href="">Sophie Conran London</a></span>

For those who lean towards minimalist elegance, tapered candles are your go-to for Easter. These slender, elegant candles bring a refined touch to any setting, especially Easter lunch tables. They're about understated beauty––no need for loud colours or complex designs. Choose soft, muted tones to complement the spring palette or go for classic white for a crisp, clean look. 

Arranged in simple candleholders, they can transform an ordinary lunch into a sophisticated gathering. Tapered candles are perfect for those who appreciate the subtlety of tradition without the overt religious symbols, offering a tranquil and inviting ambiance to your Easter celebrations.

Pastel-coloured candles

A pair of marbled pastel pillar candles from <span data-mce-fragment="1"><a href=";gao=1&amp;" data-mce-fragment="1" data-mce-href=";gao=1&amp;">Etsy</a></span>.

Just like red and green are synonymous with Christmas, pastel shades scream Easter––but in a cute, subtle way. These soft, soothing hues are as much a part of Easter as bunnies and eggs. 

To achieve these delicate shades in your candles, start with a white base wax. Use dye chips or liquid candle dye, mixing in small amounts for that perfect pastel tone––think baby blues, pale pinks, light lavenders and mint greens

It's a balancing act; too much dye and you lose the subtlety, too little and the colour won't show. Pour your wax into moulds or jars, and watch as these dreamy colours bring a touch of spring's gentle charm to any space. Although not reserved solely for this season, they're ideal for adding a serene, joyful vibe to Easter décor. 

Spring-scented candles

A ‘Paris in the Spring’ handmade candle in a blooming floral setting from <span data-mce-fragment="1"><a href=";ga_search_type=all&amp;ga_view_type=gallery&amp;ga_search_query=spring+candles&amp;ref=sr_gallery-1-9&amp;organic_search_click=1" data-mce-fragment="1" data-mce-href=";ga_search_type=all&amp;ga_view_type=gallery&amp;ga_search_query=spring+candles&amp;ref=sr_gallery-1-9&amp;organic_search_click=1">Etsy</a></span>.

At Easter, spring is in full-swing, and what better way to embrace it than with candles that capture its essence? Think scents that evoke the freshness of the season––floral notes like lilac or rose, crisp greens or even rain-scented aromas for that 'after the rain' freshness. 

These seasonal scents can be bold, directly transporting you to a blooming garden, or more subtle, gently hinting at spring's arrival. The key is to blend fragrances that feel like a breath of fresh air after a long winter, bringing the promise of new beginnings into your home or store. 

Floral candles

A pack of pastel-coloured flower-shaped candles from <span data-mce-fragment="1"><a href=";ga_search_type=all&amp;ga_view_type=gallery&amp;ga_search_query=spring+candles&amp;ref=sr_gallery-1-4&amp;pro=1&amp;organic_search_click=1" data-mce-fragment="1" data-mce-href=";ga_search_type=all&amp;ga_view_type=gallery&amp;ga_search_query=spring+candles&amp;ref=sr_gallery-1-4&amp;pro=1&amp;organic_search_click=1">Etsy</a></span>.

It’s not just about smelling great; spring candles can be a feast for the eyes too. You can go all out with candles shaped like your favourite flowers or play it cool with subtle petal textures in the wax. 

Whether you opt for a simple daisy look or an extravagant wax bouquet, these candles are all about bringing that springtime vibe indoors. They’re perfect for jazzing up an Easter brunch table or just for adding a bit of floral fancy to your shopfront. It’s like having a piece of the garden, minus the allergies.

Ready to get crafting in-time for Easter?

As we wrap up this hop through Easter candle crafting, remember it's all about bringing joy and a touch of whimsy to your space. Whether you're a candle-making pro or just starting out, Easter provides a playground of scents, colours and shapes to experiment with. 

From the sweet aroma of chocolate to the elegance of floral designs, your candles can be a central part of someone's Easter celebration. So, go ahead, light up those creations and watch as they add warmth, style and a little bit of magic to this special season. Happy crafting and an even happier Easter!

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