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Crafting Best-Selling Candles: What You Need to Know

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In a competitive marketplace, where the flicker of a candle can either ignite a lifelong customer relationship or snuff out potential sales, it's crucial to craft candles that not only smell divine but also capture hearts. 

This is your definitive guide for creating best-selling candles that customers will flock to. 

From unlocking the secret behind the most popular candle scents of the year to deciding on candle sizes and waxes, we aim to equip you with the know-how to elevate your business. We'll even tip our hat to some of the best candle brands out there, giving you an overview of what makes their candles so compelling. So, if you’re here to learn how to make candles at home to sell, stay with us. 

The sweet smell of success 

What's that intoxicating aroma wafting through the air? It might just be the key to skyrocketing your sales. If you're wondering about the market’s favourite fragrances, start by looking at the search volume for individual scents on Google. For example, look at how many people are searching for “vanilla candles”?

While we’re on that topic, vanilla is actually the second most searched-for candle scent in the UK, pipped at the post by, you guessed it, pumpkin spice. Third place? Gingerbread. What these front-runners all have in common is that they’re sought after during cosy seasons, turning your candles into must-haves for autumnal and winter nights. 

But what about the rest of the year? While your candle sales may be hotter when the weather is colder, that’s not to say that candles are a seasonal business. Don’t dismiss the restorative benefits of aromas like lavender and linen; they've also secured spots on the most popular candle scents list. For a complete overview of the best scented candles by season, don't miss our guide on seasonal scents.

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Which candles have the waX-Factor? 

When it comes to making candles to sell, the type of wax plays a pivotal role—think of it as the blank canvas for your glowing creations. 

For years, paraffin has been the go-to for its versatility and cost-effectiveness. But the tides are turning, and the data on candle-making trends 2023 is pointing to the fact that more consumers are gravitating toward eco-friendly options like soy and beeswax for their sustainable qualities and cleaner burn. 

So, which wax wins? Your choice boils down to your priorities. If your focus is on cost-efficiency and ease of production, then paraffin might be your best bet. It's a tried-and-true material that allows you to focus on other unique selling points (USPs) for your range of best-selling candles.

On the other hand, if you're aiming to capture the eco-conscious market, then opting for soy wax or coconut wax could be a strategic move. These waxes align with the ethical considerations that are increasingly important to consumers today.

Size matters… when it comes to candles 

Let’s talk about candle sizes; an often overlooked yet crucial factor when it comes to creating your top-selling candles. Recent insights suggest that medium-sized candles are the most popular size as they offer a sweet spot between longevity and affordability—an attractive prospect to consumers.

But for those of you who want to expand your target audience, it might be beneficial to explore multiple sizes. Mini candles serve as excellent testers or impulse buys. Large, luxurious candles are perfect for consumers who are after a more extended burning experience or a statement piece for their home.

Here are some of the most common candle capacities: 

  • Mini (10-15cl): Ideal for testers or as add-ons at the checkout.
  • Medium (15-25cl): Best-selling size; a balance between burning time and price.
  • Large (25-30cl): Ideal for clients looking for a statement piece or extended burn time.
  • Extra Large (30cl+): Best-suited for special occasions or as premium items.

Ultimately, the choice of size is another opportunity to differentiate your brand and meet various consumer needs. Are you going for the quick-sale, lower-margin minis? Or are you focusing on larger, higher-margin pieces that could set your brand apart? The decision is yours to make and should align with your overall brand strategy.

Marketing image of Yankee Candle’s Christmas collection. Sourced from Good Housekeeping.

Drawing inspiration from market leaders 

When it comes to crafting candles that sell, sometimes a little inspiration goes a long way. While it's crucial to maintain your brand's individuality, observing the market leaders can provide invaluable insights. Here are the brands to watch if you’re looking to outshine your close competitors on the candle market:

Yankee Candle: The leader of seasonal scents

If you ever doubted the appeal of seasonal scents, we’ve got two words for you: Yankee Candle. Known for its extensive range of seasonal offerings, the brand has mastered the art of creating demand all year round.

Jo Malone: A lesson in sophistication

From its elegant packaging to its luxurious scents, Jo Malone teaches us that sometimes less is more. Focusing on high-quality ingredients and minimalist design, this brand targets a premium market willing to pay extra for exclusivity.

Bath & Body Works: Variety is the spice of life

Offering an extensive range of fragrances and designs, Bath & Body Works showcases the value of options. Their ability to cater to a broad audience through diverse offerings is a playbook worth considering.

Voluspa: Sustainability sells

With their focus on sustainable coconut wax and chic, reusable containers, Voluspa is an excellent example for those looking to target the eco-conscious consumer.

Diptyque: The art of storytelling

Famous for its unique and exotic scents, Diptyque excels in creating an immersive brand experience. Each candle comes with a story, making it more than just a product but an experience to savour.

Taking a page from these brands can help you identify what elements might resonate with your target audience. Whether it's the appeal of seasonal scents, the allure of luxury or the importance of sustainability, these market leaders offer a wealth of inspiration.

NI Candle Supplies illuminates the path to success

You've learned the essentials of crafting best-selling candles—from the fragrances that capture hearts to the waxes that align with consumer trends, and from the sizes that make a practical impact to the leading brands that inspire us. Now, it's your turn to set the market ablaze with your creations.

As you head out on this aromatic journey, remember that the best candles are the ones that are crafted not just with wax and wick, but with love, care and an understanding of what your customer truly wants. Whether you're a seasoned candle-maker or a novice eager to turn your passion into profit, we're illuminating your path to success by equipping you with all the quality supplies and inspiration you need.

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