How to Make Your Wax Melts Smell Amazing

How to Make Your Wax Melts Smell Amazing

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The secret to a fabulous wax melt? It's all about the scent! Without a flame to think about, the aroma takes centre stage, so getting it just right is key. Whether you're making melts for your own cosy corner or planning to share them with others, the fragrance you choose and how you use it can make a world of difference. If you’re seeking wax melt ideas to elevate your crafting experience or upgrade your product line, this post will share all you need to know about creating mesmerising wax melt scents.

Picking wax melt scents

When it comes to scented wax melts, the fragrance you pick can set the entire mood. But with so many scent options out there, where should you begin? Let's break it down:

Seasonal scents

Isn't it fascinating how certain smells can take us straight to a specific time of year? As crunchy leaves carpet the ground, scents of pumpkin spice, cinnamon, and toasted marshmallows feel like a warm, comforting hug. Springtime calls for a fresh approach: think light florals, zesty citrus, and that oh-so-clean rain scent. And for those winter wonderland feels? Christmas-scented wax melts like pine, gingerbread and even the subtle sweetness of mistletoe can bring that festive magic right into your living room.

Spa vibes

With the right choice of scents for wax melts, you can close your eyes and be instantly transported to a serene spa retreat. Spa-inspired scents play a massive part in that relaxation. Lavender is your go-to for its calming properties, eucalyptus can clear the mind (and the sinuses!), while chamomile whispers sweet dreams into your ears. Add a soft background playlist, and your living room just got a spa upgrade!

Best-selling inspirations

The candle market is bursting with inspiration. The best-selling candle scents can offer a sneak peek into what might be the next big hit in wax melt fragrances. Fresh linen, sea breeze and even exotic scents like patchouli can be winners. Why reinvent the wheel when you can take inspiration from proven favourites?

Pre-blended fragrance oils

Don't fancy yourself as a fragrance mixologist? No worries! Wax melt fragrance oil blends are like those fabulous box mixes that ensure your cake turns out perfect every time. You'll find incredible combinations, from fruity delights to spicy wonders, all pre-mixed to perfection. This is a stress-free way to ensure your wax melts have an alluring and harmonious scent, and comply with CLP regulations, without you having to play mad scientist.

Finally, picking a fragrance is like picking a soundtrack for your day, your event or even your mood. It's a deeply personal choice and a fun crafting adventure. Trust your instincts, have a blast experimenting and always remember—in the world of wax melt scents—it's all about what makes you happy!

Close-up of wax being melted over a double-boiler. Sourced from Pexels.

Adding fragrance to your wax melts

Time for the nitty-gritty! The aroma of your wax melts is their soul, and getting that scent intensity just right is what separates the ordinary from the highly-scented wax melts that everyone raves about. So, if you're dreaming of creating those power-packed fragrance bombs, here's how to make wax melts:

  1. Measure your wax: It all starts here! Knowing how much wax you're using will dictate the amount of fragrance oil needed. Typically, for wax melts, you'd use about 10% fragrance oil by weight. So, if you have 100 grams of wax, you’ll want about 10 grams of fragrance oil.

  2. Pick your fragrance oil: Got your scent(s) picked out? Great! Ensure your wax melt fragrance oil is made from high-quality ingredients to achieve the best scent throw.

  3. Melt the wax: Use a double boiler for consistent heat. Melt your wax gently, avoiding overheating. Most waxes have an ideal temperature that they should be heated to—this usually lies between 75°C to 85°C.

  4. Add your fragrance: Here's where precision matters. Using a digital scale, measure the exact amount of fragrance oil. For a strong scent throw, aim for 10% fragrance by weight, but this can vary depending on the wax and the fragrance oil itself. Slowly pour your fragrance into the melted wax (we recommend adding at around 65°C to 70°C). Stir gently but thoroughly for 2-3 minutes, ensuring the fragrance oil integrates completely with the wax.

  5. Pour into moulds: With your fragrance perfectly blended, pour the mixture into your wax melt moulds. A steady hand and a good pouring container can make this process spill-free.

  6. Let them set: Give your wax melts ample time to solidify. This could range from a few hours to overnight, depending on the wax type and room conditions. For best results, set them in a cool, dry place.
  • Allow them to cure: We get it, you’re excited to see how your melts have turned out! But hold up, as if you’re using a natural wax like soy or coconut, you really want to leave your makes to cure for a minimum of 10-14 days to get a true reflection of their scent.
    1. Test and enjoy: This is the reward for your hard work! Pop a wax melt out of its mould, place it in a warmer and bask in the glorious scent. If you find the scent too light or too strong, tweak your fragrance percentage on your next batch.

    Top tip: Always keep notes on the percentages and fragrances used. This will help you replicate your successes and adjust future batches, ensuring you always craft the perfect highly-scented wax melt. 

    A tealight wax melt warmer burning a pink wax melt. Sourced from Craftovator.

    Maximising wax melt aromas 

    We’ve talked about the creative process, now it’s all about releasing those wonderful aromas you’ve so carefully selected. It begins with a clean slate—or in this case, a clean wax melt burner. Old residues can muddle your chosen scent, so ensure your burner is spotless between sessions. An easy trick? Let the wax cool, pop the burner in the freezer for a short while, and then simply remove the old wax.

    The magic is in the amount of wax you use. Overloading might seem like a ticket to a stronger scent, but it can actually diminish the experience. Typically, a cube or two suffices. And remember, how you warm your wax melts can impact the scent throw—a good burner ensures consistent heat for an optimum melt and scent release. After about 8-10 hours of use, refresh your wax to help maintain that invigorating aroma.

    And while ambience is essential, watch out for drafts. They can quickly disperse and weaken the fragrance. A draft-free spot ensures the scent lingers longer and fills the room more effectively. With these insights, you're ready to provide an enchanting aromatic journey, be it for yourself or as advice for your customers.

    Why choose wax melts?

    Wax melts are making waves in the fragrance world, sparking the debate of whether they will replace candles. Without an open flame, they provide a safer aromatic experience for homes with pets and kids, and they also sidestep the sooty residue that candles sometimes leave behind, ensuring a cleaner solution.

    Plus, the lack of a wick means there's no burning out; one can enjoy the scent until it's entirely evaporated, guaranteeing a consistent fragrance throughout. Coupled with stylish burners that complement home decor, wax melts are not only a treat for the nose but also for the eyes, making them an increasingly popular choice among modern consumers—something for business owners on the scene to bear in mind.

    It’s time to get crafting

    From finding that perfect aroma to mastering the melt, now that you’re clearer on some of the ins and outs of wax melt scents, we hope you're feeling geared up to create your mini wax wonders for your home. Perhaps you’re even inspired to set up your very own wax melt biz!

    Remember, it's all about enjoying the process and cherishing those cosy moments your fragrances bring. Whether you're crafting for yourself or to sell and spread the joy, enjoy every whiff, waft and wonderful aroma. And don’t forget to stock up on high-quality wax melt supplies to maximise the experience.

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