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Lovely deep and alluring

Mysterious and deep, a lovely scent for candles

Summer florals

I'm not usually a sweet and floral fan but this is such a sophisticated scent we had to have it in the collection

I can't keep it stocked fast enough

This is a scent not matter where it goes or who sniffs it they LOVE IT! A lovely scent for men and women and is a wonder in candles

Candle scents

Read up about this company and how great the scents for candles were. They are as amazing as the reviews say they are. Really happy. The best so far.

Black Bekro Dye Chips
Rachel Ferguson
Good colour

Good colour but not fully black, leans more grey

Great product

Great value and quality

Beautiful (But Not a Velvet Rose & Oud clone)

Geraniol is an aromatic component of rose accord used widely in perfumery. It has a bitter-green and balsamic scent and there's plenty of it here. So, it is not your usual rosy scent, I find it more herbaceous and less "dated" and I'd advise you to thoroughly test the concentration of this oil in your candles as it has a very strong throw.
I actually purchased it to check if it would be a variation of the Jo Malone's VR&O fragrance and it definitely is not. The one I've purchased from the NI's clones list is perfect though. Highly recommended.
In overall, NI Candle Supplies have been selling one of the highest quality fragrance oils on the market since I remember, even after the reformulations/change of supplier and I'll be coming back!

Great dye

Only dye I’ve tried that actually works

Lovely strong smelling scent ... perfect for diffuser!

A heavenly scent

My favorite


i am very happy with this item the service is very good keep you updated on the delivery i will definitely be using you again

On the fence

I can't decide if I like this fragrance or not. I really want to though.

The best linen fragrance

The absolute best linen fragrance. We make it in melts, candles, reeds and room spray, it's perfect.


I've been looking for a beautiful lavender scent for a while. I've found it, it's gorgeous. Now to try it in reeds.


This scent is absolutely stunning.

Great service from this company

All the fragrances so far have been very good and I love that they are categorised easily for me to obtain phthalate free ones.
This one is very earthy and spa like. Only got the cold throw atm, looking forward to burning it x


Easy to use website, fast delivery & great service! I ordered C3 wax and it's working out very well for me. I'll be a returning customer for sure!

Candle Wicks - HTP 126
Adrienne Mistry
Excellent wicks !

Order received promptly. Testing this candle wick proved very successful- a good clean even burn for my 8oz candle jars. Very Happy with this product and will be re-ordering with this company

Great Spring/Summer fragrance

Nice spring summer scent. Works well in my candles and melts. More lime than coconut.

Best Seller

Such a lovely fragrance, my customers love it. Have continued to stock this fragrance for years

Warm Linen Fragrance

My favourite linen scent. Customers love it.

Speedy delivery

Love that you can buy it in a 10kg bag

Not a fan.

Loved the smell from the bottle. But when burning it just didn’t have a nice hot throw.


My customers love this ! I use this instead of another brand and it’s a seller!

Very soothing

Anyone who thinks they don’t like lavender loves this, it’s very soft and soothing. Love it