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Nature Wax C-3 100% Soy Container Wax

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Melt Point: 45°C
Pour Temperature: 55 - 65°C
Max Fragrance: 7 to 8%

Please note: We do not recommend using essential oils in candles, even though some may perform reasonably well. The flashpoint, especially in citrus-type essential oils, is quite low and the direct flame of the wick in contact with the wax, a candle can easily catch fire. Essential oils do tend to work quite well in 'melts' as the heat source is not in direct contact with the wax. For candle making we recommend the use fragrance oils which have been specially designed for use in candles as their safety has been tested for the intended use. All essential oils due to their raw nature may discolour the wax. If essential oils are to be used in a candle application, please test in small quantities first and increase the ratio gradually to no more than 6%, being mindful of the high flammability of the raw material. As advised before, we do not recommend the use of essential oils in candles.

Customer Reviews

Based on 49 reviews
Great Wax

As a complete newbie to candle making I was impressed by how quickly this wax melted. I know some reviewers have complained it takes longer because it's in flakes but it wasn't an issue for me. No wet spots and not a sink hole in sight! The finish is a lovely and creamy white. There are great temperature tips for melting, adding FO and pouring on the website and Sarah is always available for feedback and help. She is brilliant!

Soy container wax

Just made up a test batch using this wax for the first time
So far so good no wet spots and a beautiful finish am looking forward to sampling once cured cant wait and will review again but first impressions are excellent will definitely order again thankyou NI candles for such a great service x


Ok but i prefered the soy pearls that i purchased previously to the flakes i recieved with my last order. They took much longer to melt and produced an inconsistant finished product. I will source wax pearls elsewhere for my next order.

Sadly the soy pearls (CB Advanced) are no longer being made by the manufacturer. C-3 is harder to work with than CB Advanced but we’d be happy to provide some tips on temperatures to get the best out of this wax - please contact us direct if you’d like to give it another go.

Soy wax

Amazing wax !

C3 wax - my fav

This is a great wax, easy to work with :) Good packaging and quick delivery, happy as always :)


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