Candle Wicks - HTP 73

Candle Wicks - HTP 73

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Bring precision and a professional touch to your candle-making projects with our HTP wick family, this series is crafted to enhance the performance and ambiance of your candles.

Experience the Stable Flame of HTP Wicks

Looking for the ultimate wick that delivers not just a candle but an experience? The HTP Candle Wicks are here to elevate your candle-making artistry. Preferred by candle makers worldwide, these wicks are engineered for those who appreciate quality and reliability in their candle creations.

Key Features

  • Premade Convenience: Pre-tabbed for ease of use, making your candle production smoother and faster.
  • Optimal Design: Length of 150mm (approximately 5.9 inches) ensures a perfect fit for various candle sizes.
  • Stable and Clean Burning: Made from flat braid cotton reinforced with paper threading, offering superior rigidity and minimal soot.
  • Consistent Performance: Ideal for a burn diameter of 43-44mm, ensuring a steady flame and efficient fuel usage.
  • Customisable: Accommodates various wax types, colours, and fragrances for tailored candle making.

Why Choose HTP Wicks?

Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned candle maker, HTP wicks extend consistency and reliability. Their unique construction minimises curling and mushrooming, ensuring a beautiful, clean burn every time. The robust performance of these wicks can transform your candle making from an ordinary activity into a delightful experience.

HTP Wicks have been the choice of professionals and enthusiasts alike, due to their superior performance and adaptability. We recommend conducting your own tests with different variables to guarantee flawless results in your specific setting.

Ready to elevate your candle creations? Add HTP 73 Candle Wicks to your cart now and discover the difference a top-quality wick can make in your candle-making journey!

Click here to see our candle wicks guide for further information and guidance.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

Perfect wicks for my 300ml jars that measure 68mm across, just incase anyone else is wondering, perfect melt pool. Has a lovely little flicker to it too.

maxine scholey
Candle wicks

Very prompt delivery with good communication. Very impressed with quality.

Lauren O
Great quality

I bought these wicks to try in my bigger jars and they burn brilliantly. They’re very sturdy and thick and don’t move about when pouring in the wax. Definitely recommend!

Not used yet

I always buy my wicks from here but haven't used these as yet. But I'm expecting then to be as good as normal. I'll leave more feedback once tried tho confirm whether they were suitable or not

Vicky Macfarlane
Lovely wicks

Good quality wicks. Keep upright and don’t flop when you add the wax. Great that they are long aswell.