Goats Milk Melt & Pour Soap Base

Goats Milk Melt & Pour Soap Base

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Indulge in the purest form of skincare with Stephenson's Goats Milk Melt & Pour Soap Base.

Nurture Your Skin Naturally

Stephenson's Goats Milk Melt & Pour Soap Base is your go-to choice for crafting luxurious soaps that nourish and hydrate. With its rich vitamin content and powerful moisturising properties, this soap base is perfect for anyone looking to pamper their skin with the goodness of nature.

Unmatched Skin Benefits

Our soap base is enhanced with double-distilled coconut oil and vegetable-based glycerine, ensuring a smooth and creamy lather that maintains the skin's natural moisture balance. Ideal for those with sensitive skin, our soap base is gentle yet effective, providing cleanliness without the harshness of conventional soaps.

  • Highly moisturising formula - Keeps skin hydrated
  • Biodegradable and eco-friendly - Good for you and the planet
  • No animal testing - Cruelty-free beauty care
  • Neutral pH of approximately 7.8 - Gentle on the skin
  • Compatible with a wide range of fragrances and temperatures (from 60 to 80C) - Customise your creation

Experience Superior Quality

The soap base does not just clean; it uplifts your senses. The odourless base allows for a superior fragrance lift, ensuring that the scents you choose shine through beautifully. Despite providing slightly less lather due to its natural composition, our soap base not only meets but exceeds performance expectations.

Thoughtful Crafting Tips

Remember, melt and pour soap bases already contain water, so be sure to wrap your finished bars soon after cooling to prevent shrinkage and prolong shelf life.

Embrace the essence of pure, uncompromised skincare. Add this versatile soap base to your crafting collection and start your journey towards healthier, happier skin.

Ready to Melt and Pour?

Whether you're a novice or an experienced soap maker, Stephenson's Goats Milk Melt & Pour Soap Base is designed to inspire your creativity and fulfil your skincare needs. Don't wait, shop now and transform ordinary bathing into a revitalising experience.

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