Keep Calm (Chamomile & Fig) Fragrance Oil

Keep Calm (Chamomile & Fig) Fragrance Oil

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Transform Your Day with Keep Calm (Chamomile & Fig) Fragrance Oil

Unveil the secret to a serene ambiance with our Keep Calm Fragrance Oil. Crafted for those who revel in calmness and cherish a soothing environment, this fragrance oil is your perfect companion for relaxation.

Why Choose Keep Calm Fragrance Oil?

Our carefully selected blend starts with top notes of Citrus, Green Stems, and Berries, instantly invigorating your space with a refreshingly crisp aroma. The journey continues with middle notes of Fig, Apple, Cinnamon, Clove, Chamomile, Florals, Rose, and Berry Blossom—each breath intertwines fruity delights with the calming essence of Chamomile. The experience culminates in rich base notes of Patchouli, Vetiver, Musk, and Amber, providing a deep, earthy foundation that grounds and comforts.

Expertly Crafted for Optimal Experience

Each batch of our fragrance oil is meticulously formulated to ensure the highest quality. Whether you’re crafting candles, soaps, or incorporating it into other scent-driven projects, Keep Calm Fragrance Oil is designed to offer a consistent aroma that captivates and enchants. Please note, due to its ingredients, the oil may slightly discolour wax, a natural characteristic that speaks to its quality and authenticity.

Usage and Safety Guidelines

  • Always test in small batches before committing to large volumes.
  • Ideal for candles, soaps, and other home fragrance products.
  • All sales are final to ensure quality and prevent contamination.

Immerse yourself in the tranquillity of our Keep Calm Fragrance Oil. Perfect for those seeking to elevate their living space or craft personalised scented products. Embrace the soothing whispers of chamomile and the subtle sweetness of fig—indulge in the scent of peace and relaxation. Breathe in the beauty, exhale your worries, and transform your space today.

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Fragrance Specifics

Fragrance Percentage Table

Wax Use Yes max usage: 10%
Bath & Body Use  Yes ref IFRA for max %
IFRA Available Yes
Diffuser Use Yes max usage: 25%
Room Spray Use Yes max usage: 1%
Flash Point
Contains Vanillin
Phthalate-Free No

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Customer Reviews

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Excellent service from this company. Items arrived well packaged and delivery was fast. I will certainly be getting my supplies from here from now on.

Caroline Moorehouse

I love this scent and will purchase again