Ocean Breeze Fragrance Oil

Ocean Breeze Fragrance Oil

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Let Your Senses Explore Our Ocean Breeze Fragrance Oil

Experience the captivating allure of the ocean with every breath. Our Ocean Breeze Fragrance Oil paints a vivid picture of serene coastal landscapes in your mind, transforming any space into a peaceful seaside retreat.

Why Choose Ocean Breeze Fragrance Oil?

This fragrance oil is an evocative blend that starts with top notes of clean ozone and refreshing seaweed, reminiscent of a crisp ocean breeze. Middle notes of cyclamen and waterlily bring the subtle freshness of floral waterscapes, while base notes of driftwood, amber, patchouli, and musk ground the scent with a warm, inviting depth.

Perfect For All Seasons

Whether it's a chilly winter evening or a warm summer day, Ocean Breeze Fragrance Oil adds a breath of freshness to your environment. Its versatile scent profile makes it perfect for use throughout the year, ensuring your space is always welcoming and invigorating.

Product Features & Tips

  • Top Notes: Ozone, Seaweed
  • Middle Notes: Cyclamen, Waterlily
  • Base Notes: Driftwood, Amber, Patchouli, Musk
  • Please note: Fragrance oils may cause discolouration in wax; testing in small quantities is recommended.

A gentle reminder to test the fragrance in all intended applications before ordering larger quantities, as our scent can interact differently depending on the environment.

Elevate Your Home Atmosphere

Immerse yourself in the tranquillity of the ocean wherever you are. Perfect for diffusing, making candles, or as an additive in home care products, this fragrance oil doesn't just smell great—it transforms your space into a serene, oceanic haven.

Ready to bring the essence of the ocean into your home or workspace? Add this mesmerising scent to your collection today and let your senses dive into the Ocean Breeze!

Fragrance Specifics

Fragrance Percentage Table

Wax Use Yes max usage: 10%
Bath & Body Use  Yes ref IFRA for max %
IFRA Available Yes
Diffuser Use Yes max usage: 25%
Room Spray Use Yes max usage: 1%
Flash Point
Contains Vanillin
Phthalate-Free No

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Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews

Gorgeous fresh clean sea fragrance

Heather rowe
Lovely scent

I’ve not used this one yet but it smells lovely out the bottle!


If you like clean and fresh scents you will love this ❤️


I absolutely love the fragrances, they are nice and strong and they usually even behave in Soap.
The service is great as well. 5 star

Fresh and clean marine scent

One of my hands down best sellers - a fresh, clean fragrance - like sun dried laundry on a freshly made bed with the windows open looking onto the beach!