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Rapeseed & Coconut CONTAINER Wax


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A blend of hydrogenated vegetable waxes formulated for container candle production. Rapeseed and Coconut Container Wax is UK made from European produced waxes.

  • White in colour with a low melting point but quite hard to the touch.
  • Easy to work with and produces a smooth surface finish.
  • A very clean burning, non-cracking wax with great scent throw and a recommended fragrance loading of 8%.

    Product is supplied in block form. Packaging: 2 x 12.5kg blocks in 25kg bags.

    Melt Point: 43-49°C
    Pour Temperature: 55 - 60°C
    Max Fragrance: 8 to 10% depending on density of fragrance oil

    Please note: We do not recommend using essential oils in candles, even though some may perform reasonably well. The flashpoint, especially in citrus-type essential oils, is quite low and the direct flame of the wick in contact with the wax, a candle can easily catch fire. Essential oils do tend to work quite well in 'melts' as the heat source is not in direct contact with the wax. For candle making we recommend the use fragrance oils which have been specially designed for use in candles as their safety has been tested for the intended use. All essential oils due to their raw nature may discolour the wax. If essential oils are to be used in a candle application, please test in small quantities first and increase the ratio gradually to no more than 6%, being mindful of the high flammability of the raw material. As advised before, we do not recommend the use of essential oils in candles.

    Customer Reviews

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    Tracy Mitchell
    It's lovely

    I do like the rapeseed and coconut container wax, it sets perfect, burns beautifully and gives a lovely CT and HT, but I do love C3........ I'm torn between the two!!

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