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Segmented Clamshells - Rectangle


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We have worked hard to bring you a clamshell solution that represents your brand in a stylish way and helps address concern over single use plastics and is designed to fit in the Royal Mail PIP postal boxes. 

  • Made from PET, including the correct category recycling symbol (see below for more details on recycling of clamshell packaging).
  • Designed with a raised lid allowing pouring of individual segments or to fill the mould to the top depending on preference. 
  • Capacity approx. 55g to 85g depending on fill point. 

Some information on the recycling of clamshells: 

During our research into the wonderful world of clamshells, we discovered they are only recyclable if they can be put in the recycle bin and they can only go in the recycling bin if the appropriate recycling symbol is on them, otherwise the recycling depots have no way of determining what type of material has been used to make the clamshell and sadly they are then sent to general waste and not recycled.

Knowing this, we then investigated the main material used for clamshell manufacture being PVC and were surprised to learn that currently PVC is not household recyclable (even when the recycling symbol being the little triangle with number 3 is present). As such we have chosen to use PET for our clamshells, which is the most readily household recycled plastic at 92% throughout the UK. On the bottom of our clamshells, you will find the recycling triangle with the number 1 which represents PET and lets the recycling depots know they can be easily recycled. 

We feel this is a step in the right direction by providing a truly recyclable option however it does mean there are a few things to consider when pouring, please see our specifications tab for details on this. 


Segmented Clamshell Pots

Dimensions: 132 x 80 x 20mm (lxwxh) - please note these are just under 20mm when closed and will fit a PIP box.

Fill measurement: approx. 18mm to top of segments

Instructions for use: PET clamshells require a lower pouring temperature than traditional PVC moulds. We recommend pouring between 55°C and 60°C but no higher than between 65°C  and 70°C orthe wax will cause the mould to melt.

Flaws: On occasion there may be small flaws in the mould which can result in pinhole leaks. The easiest way to check for these is to pour a small amount of wax into the mould and allow it to set, before continuing to pour the remaining wax into the mould slowly. Pinholes will seal quickly when following this method allowing you to use the mould however should you find any major flaws, please keep hold of your clamshells and contact us to discuss. 

Points to remember:

  • ensure your wax is poured at the correct temperature as recommended above. 
  • always pour on a protected surface.
  • following the above instructions will help minimise loss from minor flaws in the clamshell.
  • if you have received faulty, unusable pots, these must be retained for our inspection. Do not discard pots before contacting us first.

The above advice is provided in good faith to assist you in using this product, however it should never take the place of your own personal testing. We do not take responsibility for our test results differing from your test results. NI Candle Supplies is not responsible for any finished products made with our raw ingredients.

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