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Candle Trends 2023: Level Up Your Handmade Candles

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The allure of a candle goes beyond its flame and fragrance; it's about the identity it carries. In 2023, the canvas for branded candles is expansive, inviting businesses to etch their unique stories and ethos into their creations. With every trend comes an opportunity: To resonate with your target audience, to stand distinct in a crowded market, and most importantly, to express the essence of your brand through your products. 

Whether you're a budding entrepreneur wondering if it's a good idea to set up a candle business or a seasoned candle-maker looking to level up your skills, diving into these trends can be the game-changer for your handmade candle line. 

Trend #1: Vegetable Wax Candles 

Sustainability isn't just a trend; it's rapidly becoming the preferred choice for many conscious consumers. Vegetable waxes, such as soy and rapeseed & coconut waxes, stand out as top choices for modern candle makers. But what makes them so appealing? 

Soy wax is renowned for its clean burn, longevity, and ability to showcase true-to-scent fragrance profiles. On the other hand, rapeseed & coconut wax has a luxurious, creamy texture which adds a touch of sophistication to your candles while offering a superior scent throw.

Beyond their sensory appeal, these waxes also emphasise environmental responsibility and top-tier quality. By sourcing premium vegetable waxes that offer a soot-free burn, you're not only crafting a product but curating a story of environmental stewardship, quality, and brand integrity. So when customers pick up your handmade candles, they're not just making a purchase—they're making a conscious and informed choice.

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Trend #2: Scented Candle Subscriptions

Why stop at a single moment of delight when you can deliver continuous joy? There is a growing trend in scented candle subscriptions, with brands like Light Box and The Botanical Candle Co. as prime examples. Offering subscriptions promises a recurring sensory experience to your clientele, introducing them to an array of fragrances over time. 

But the scents you choose play a crucial role in ensuring customer satisfaction and loyalty. At NI Candle Supplies, we specialise in premium fragrance oils that not only smell wonderful but are also versatile, catering to diverse preferences. From the deep, woody notes to the light, floral undertones, our collection promises an olfactory journey like no other. Not to mention that seasonal scents can make your subscriptions more time-relevant.

This trend not only keeps your brand at the forefront of your customers' minds but also ensures that their homes are infused with memorable fragrances, month after month. After all, in the world of handmade candles, it's not just about the light—it's about the lingering essence that stays long after the flame has been extinguished.

Trend #3: Crystal-Infused Candles 

In an era where holistic wellness intersects with home fragrance, candles adorned with crystals are emerging as much more than just decor. While these crystals imbue a unique energy and significance, creating an aura of mysticism and allure, it's crucial to remember that for safety, they should be removed before burning the candle.

So, what’s so special about them? These candles not only light up a room but also stir an energy, set a mood and spark a conversation. In other words, they present the opportunity to position your brand as one that's attuned to holistic experiences and deeper connections.

Trend #4: Layered Candles* 

A sensory story awaits within each layered candle. Beyond the allure of changing colours and scents, layered candles offer a dynamic brand narrative. With each layer burned, a new scent unveils, encapsulating a distinct memory or emotion, turning a single candle into a multi-chapter saga. For handmade candle brands, this presents a unique engagement model, leaving customers captivated and eagerly anticipating what the next layer holds.

A candle moulded in the shape of the head of a Greek statue next to an abstractly shaped candle

Trend #5: Candle Art

Candle-making is an art form in itself, but what about creating intricate masterpieces to add a sophisticated touch to your candle line? You can mould candles into delicate flowers, whimsical shapes or even a miniature Greek statue. It's like getting a sculpture that smells amazing. These aren’t just candles; they’re conversations waiting to happen. 

So, if you're diving into the handmade candle business, think about the kind of stories and reactions you'd like your candles to evoke. You'd be surprised how a little creativity can make your brand seriously stand out from your competitors.

Trend #6: Minimalist Candles 

While candle art is certainly a hot trend right now, minimalist candles are a timeless trend. And sometimes less is more, especially in our busy, chaotic world. Plain and simple candles are like a comforting cup of tea at the end of a long day. Think smooth, uncomplicated designs, subtle scents, and a colour palette that’s easy on the eyes.  

This takes the pressure off the design aspect and puts the focus on quality ingredients. And as for your brand message, pitch it as “valuing simplicity, authenticity, and the beauty in the every day”—an invitation for consumers to pause, breathe and live in the moment. 

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Trend #7: Crackle Candles 

You know that soothing sound of wood crackling in a fireplace? Imagine capturing that cosy, heart-warming vibe in a candle. That's what crackle candles are all about. They’re not just a treat for the eyes and nose; they're a little concert for the ears too. 

Lighting one up is like inviting a bit of that old-timey fireside charm into your space. And if you're a brand thinking about expanding your range, consider this: with crackle candles, you're promising more than just ambience; you’re offering an experience—a sweet melody of warmth and comfort. Why just see or smell a candle when you can also hear its song?


The Bottom Line

By looking at the trends in 2023 so far, handmade candles are far from mere decorative items. They're brand statements, expressions of ethos, and immersive experiences. As the market leans towards personalisation and meaningful consumption, it's a golden opportunity for businesses to shine bright with their candles. 

Whether you're infusing sustainability, art, or innovation into your creations, remember it's not just about following trends; it's about intertwining them with your brand's narrative to make your business shine. So, light up the market with your distinct glow, and let your branded candles tell a story that's uniquely yours.


* Don’t forget to research the additional CLP requirements if following this trend.

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