Pricing Adjustments

Pricing Adjustments

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We'll be increasing the cost of our fragrances by 6% effective the 1st of October, additionally we will also be excluding full cartons of wax from our free shipping offer from the same date.

Why the increase in fragrance prices?

We incurred an 11% increase on the cost of fragrances at the start of this year that we have carried for as long as we possibly could but with ever increasing costs, we now have no choice but to pass some of that increase along to makers while continuing to absorb as much of it as possible and remaining sustainable. 

Why exclude full wax cartons from free shipping?

We operate on very tight margins for our waxes to remain competitive in the market, this is despite incurring additional costs for transport due to our geographical location. In order to maintain our free shipping offer and minimise price increases of our wax, we have made the difficult decision to exclude full cartons of wax from the free shipping offer.

How will the minimum spend requirement work going forward?

We know small increases can have a big impact on makers, that's why the purchase of a full carton of wax will still count towards the minimum spend threshold for your order.

This means, if the total value of your order meets the threshold; there will be a charge for the carton/s of wax but all other items within the order will receive free shipping.

The below screenshot helps show this in more detail (order is sent as two cartons, however only one carton has been charged for): 

How else can I get the best value when ordering?

NI Rewards: Our loyalty scheme is a great way to earn points while you shop, you can accumulate points and redeem them to save on your order - you can learn more at 

Bulk Oils: We offer a discount when ordering 1 litre or more of the same fragrance. Orders of 1 litre or more get a 5% discount and orders 10kg or more a 10% discount. To make a bulk order or to learn more about the terms of the bulk discounts, please view our bulk ordering page here.

    Product of the week: Each week we feature a different product, most often a fragrance, with 25% off, allowing you to stock up or try something new for the first time. Many of our new fragrances have and will continue to launch as part of our fragrance of the week promotion making it a great chance to try out our newest additions at a lower cost. See our current offer here

    If you’d like to hear about our latest updates as they happen, be sure to follow us on social media, sign up to our newsletter and join our candle making community to be notified of any new products, promotion resources and other updates. 


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      Michele Gordon

      Thank you for the update, I can understand the price increase so don’t worry about it. We are all struggling and it was great that you tried to keep the costs yourselves for so long. I will still continue to buy from you 💜

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