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Golden Wax 494 (5715-94-02) Wax Melt & Tart Soy Wax


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This all-natural soy wax from AAK was specifically developed and formulated for melts and tarts. Golden Wax 494, has excellent scent throw, exhibits vibrant colors, and releases easily from moulds. This wax uses a 100% soy and botanical oil formula that creates a smooth appearance. Due to the high amount of botanical additives, this wax blend is not designed for use as a candle wax and won’t burn with a wick.

Our testing has found this wax works well when heated to 80-85°C. Mix in fragrance; and dye if required, stir gently. Pour temperature 60-70°C. Please note however the ideal pouring temperature may vary depending on the shape and size of your mould; therefore proper testing in small batches is always recommended and our testing cannot take the place of your own testing. 

We would suggest a cure time of 10-14 days before burning.

This wax also makes an ideal base for use in scoopable wax when combined with pure rapeseed wax at a ratio of 75% 494 to 15% rapeseed.

Max Fragrance Load: 10% 
Melt Point: 49 - 52°C
Pour Temperature: 60 - 70°C (Testing has shown 60°C to be an optimum temperature for pouring, however this is personal preference)
Dye: Inpex SD Dye is most suitable (Mix at 1-2g dye per 100g wax, depending on the shade you wish to achieve)  

Please note: We do not recommend using essential oils in candles, even though some may perform reasonably well. The flashpoint, especially in citrus-type essential oils, is quite low and the direct flame of the wick in contact with the wax, a candle can easily catch fire. Essential oils do tend to work quite well in 'melts' as the heat source is not in direct contact with the wax. For candle making we recommend the use fragrance oils which have been specially designed for use in candles as their safety has been tested for the intended use. All essential oils due to their raw nature may discolour the wax. If essential oils are to be used in a candle application, please test in small quantities first and increase the ratio gradually to no more than 6%, being mindful of the high flammability of the raw material. As advised before, we do not recommend the use of essential oils in candles.

Customer Reviews

Based on 87 reviews

Thank you for quick delivery , all products is very good qvality.

Great product quick delivery

Bought for daughters wax melt business. Super quick delivery, good product, we went for the full box.

Excellent and fast delivery totally recommend

Excellent and fast delivery totally recommend

A God Send

I was hesitant to try this wax as I'm only used to one brand, I'm glad I did though because my melts look stunning. Also, I haven't seen my wax melts ever look so white as they do with this wax.
I will continue to buy from this company. Thank you so much.

Wax and fragrance oil

I have found it so hard to get candle making supplies here in Ireland since brexit, thankfully I found Northern Ireland candle supplies . I have ordered wax and fragrance oils. The delivery took 2 days from the time I ordered and fragrances were fab. Will def be ordering again


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