Lemongrass & Lime Fragrance Oil - Reformulated

Lemongrass & Lime Fragrance Oil - Reformulated

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Unleash a burst of vibrant zest into your home with the refreshing Lemongrass & Lime Fragrance Oil!

Let Your Senses Explore the Freshness of Citrus

Explore the crisp, invigorating aroma offered by our Lemongrass & Lime Fragrance Oil. Perfectly capturing the essence of citrus groves, this fragrance oil is an exquisite blend that breathes life into any space. With top notes of bergamot, lemon, and sugar combined with heartening middle notes of lime, lemongrass, orange, and a hint of eucalyptus, it's your go-to solution for a fresh and uplifting atmosphere.

A Symphony of Aromas

The refreshing top notes introduce a light, sweet citrus scent, reminiscent of sunny days. Progressing into the core, the aroma intensifies with the sharpness of lime and the distinct, earthy touch of lemongrass, softened by the subtly cool notes of eucalyptus. The experience is beautifully rounded off with base notes of vanilla and soft woods, adding a warm, comforting finish to the vibrant citrus burst.

Enhance Your Environment

Whether you're looking to elevate your living room's ambiance, add some zest to your workspace, or give a memorable gift, this fragrance oil achieves it all. Its versatility is perfect for use in candles, diffusers, and other personal care products. Remember, a small amount goes a long way to transform your environment and mood.

Please be aware, all fragrance oils might slightly alter the wax colour due to their raw material composition, which is normal. For optimal results, we recommend testing in small quantities first, as the fragrance may vary in different applications.

Why Choose Lemongrass & Lime? It's not just a fragrance; it's an experience. Ideal for creating products that require a long-lasting, robust scent, or simply enjoying a refreshing aroma at home. Our commitment is to provide you with high-quality supplies that support your creative ventures.

Your Satisfaction Matters

Sales of fragrance oils are final to ensure purity and prevent contamination. We encourage purchasing sample sizes for testing to ensure satisfaction before ordering in larger quantities.

Ready to transform your craft into a tantalising scent journey? Shop now and let Lemongrass & Lime Fragrance Oil rejuvenate your creations and spaces!

Fragrance Specifics

Fragrance Percentage Table

Wax Use Yes max usage: 10%
Bath & Body Use  Yes ref IFRA for max %
IFRA Available Yes
Diffuser Use Yes max usage: 25%
Room Spray Use Yes max usage: 1%
Flash Point
Contains Vanillin
Phthalate-Free No

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Customer Reviews

Based on 36 reviews
Heather rowe
Lovely fresh fragrance

I absolutely love this one and it’s a customer favourite too! Smells gorgeous in candles, melts & diffusers!


The perfect combination of sweet & zesty! Very strong and absolutely one of my favorite scents.


This is the nicest Lemongrass and lime I've found. It's really fresh. Not chemically at all unlike other suppliers. Your oils really are gorgeous.

Paul Martin
Great customer service.

Excellent products. Love the extensive selection of fragrance oils. No need to look anywhere else for your candle / wax melt needs!!

Lemongrass & lime

O my word, this fragrance is to die for, strong fresh & description fits perfectly.
Performs fantastic in Reed diffusers.