Golden Wax 444 (GW444) Soy Container Wax

Golden Wax 444 (GW444) Soy Container Wax

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Golden Wax 444 is a natural soy container wax made with a soy based additive to reduce frosting and increase fragrance load. The wax is Natural and Kosher. A higher melt point enables it to retain a higher fragrance load and improve scent throw. This wax may be a good alternative to Golden Wax 464 when unavailable. 

Our testing has found this wax works well when heated to around 85°C with fragrance added at 70°C before being poured very slowly into warmed glassware immediately after stirring. This wax benefits from a slow cool to help reduce the likelihood of polymorphism/frosting, ideally candles should be placed on a wire rack for cooling and rapid changes in temperature should be avoided during this cooling process. 

Please note however the ideal pouring temperature may vary depending on container size and room temperature therefore proper testing in small batches is always recommended and our testing cannot take the place of your own testing. 

We would suggest a cure time of 10-14 days before burning.

Melt Point: 49 - 52°C
Pour Temperature: 60 - 80°C depending on container size and room temperature.
Max Fragrance: 10% although 7-8% is usually plenty in this wax.

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First time ordering, and I will definitely be ordering again soon. Excellent service parcel arrived on time fantastic company

Rachel Ferguson

Amazing as always

Kenneth McInnes
444 Wax

Excellent service and value. No rip off Highland extra carriage either!

Liz Hughes

Spot on for goods. Will use this company again. Shame they don't supply other candle moulds like tea lights.

Karyna Bedrekovska

Everything was well packaged, quality is excellent! Happy with this purchase!