A white pillar candle in a wooden candle holder among a rustic interior decor theme.

Candle Display Ideas: Designing with Light & Fragrance

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Candles are the unsung heroes of interior design. From the rich aromas of bathroom candles that transform a mundane soak into a spa-like retreat, to the soft glow of bedroom candles setting the stage for a peaceful slumber, these luminary wonders do more than just light up a room. They tell a story. 

But here’s the million-dollar question: Where should these glowing storytellers be placed? If you’re already up-to-date with the latest candle trends of 2023, it’s time to journey through some top candle display ideas and demystify the art of candle placement and scent selection.

Bathroom: Soaking in Serenity

The bathroom often serves as a sanctuary, a space where we rejuvenate and find a moment of calm. Enhancing this serene environment with a well-thought-out candle display can elevate the experience.

Consider a multi-tiered tray adorned with bathroom candles of varying heights; it's not just about the light, but the layered visual interest it creates. Strategically placing these candles near reflective surfaces, like your bathroom mirror, can subtly amplify their warm glow. 

When it comes to choosing scents, the tranquil notes of lavender or eucalyptus are excellent choices. They effortlessly neutralise any lingering odours and introduce a refreshing, spa-like aroma. For an added touch of elegance, floating candles in a decorative bowl with water and delicate flower petals can be a delightful addition. It's these little touches that transform a routine into a cherished ritual.

Bedroom: Dreamy Illuminations

The bedroom is much more than just a place to rest—it's a personal retreat from the world's hustle and bustle. Integrating bedroom candles on thoughtful platforms like wooden or metallic trays can add layers of depth and texture to this space. Why not set them on your bedside tables or even tuck them in a quaint corner atop a dresser? Using decorative holders or lanterns can also lend a luxurious touch. 

When it's time to dive into scents, choose ones that resonate with relaxation and romance. Notes of rose, vanilla, or sandalwood can craft a mood that's both dreamy and comforting.

Moody decor-themed living room with pillar candles within and atop the fireplace.

Living Room: Cosy Vibes

The living room, often regarded as the epicentre of our homes, deserves special attention when it comes to décor. Incorporating candles can instantly elevate its ambience, making it more inviting and cosy.

Starting with a foundation: consider a reflective mirrored tray. It doesn’t just serve as a base but also magnifies the candle's glow, creating a play of light that adds depth to the room. On this tray, a thoughtful blend of sturdy pillar candles and dainty votive ones brings in a mix of strength and subtlety. The varying heights and widths can draw the eye, making for an interesting visual focal point.

If you have a fireplace, consider placing an assortment of candles inside during warmer months when it's not in use. This can recreate the magic of a fire without the heat. If you’re wondering “do candles heat a room?”, they do add a touch of warmth, but it’s more about the cosy ambience they create.

Speaking of cosy: With autumn on the horizon, it's tempting to lean into seasonal fragrances to enhance the comfort factor. Placing your scented candle arrangement near soft throw blankets or decorative cushions juxtaposes the flickering flame with soft textures, enhancing the warmth of the space.

Lastly, don't shy away from decorative holders or lanterns. They can frame your candles, adding an architectural element. Whether it's wrought iron for a rustic touch or sleek glass for modern flair, these additions can tie your entire living room design together, making your space a sanctuary of style and comfort.

Dining Room: Candle Centrepieces

At the heart of every dining room is the table, and its centrepiece sets the tone for memorable meals. A dining table without a centrepiece can seem a little barren, like a stage awaiting its main act. Now, when you think of creating an engaging candle centrepiece, envision a blend of diversity and harmony. By combining candles of various sizes and shapes, you add layers of visual intrigue to the setup.

Abiding by timeless design wisdom, odd-numbered groupings, whether threes or fives, have a way of catching the eye and lending a balanced aesthetic. But why stop at candles alone? Introducing elements from nature, be it clear, dew-kissed terrariums or sprightly fresh flowers, can transform your dining setup. They don't just provide visual relief but also add a touch of romance.

Speaking of romance, let's not forget the power of fragrance. For those evening dinners or sunlit brunches, the invigorating charm of citrus scents can elevate the atmosphere. They not only refresh the senses but also have a way of sparking joy and liveliness, making every meal feel like a special occasion. 

A cosy window seat with a candle and hot chocolate balanced on a tray.

Nooks & Corners: Breathing Life into Spaces

Every home has those overlooked nooks and crannies, yearning for a touch of candle décor. Using tiered candle stands or ambient hanging lanterns can bring these spaces alive. Picture these candles illuminating a staircase landing or brightening a cosy reading nook. 

It's not just about placing candles randomly but using candle placement strategies like thoughtful groupings or varying heights to craft a visual narrative. For scents, think about the character of the space—a leather-infused fragrance for a study radiates sophistication, while fresh grass might evoke an open, airy feel for a sun-drenched alcove. 

Lighting the Way Forward

Every flicker and fragrance of a candle weaves a story. With the right candle display ideas, each room in your home can narrate its unique tale of warmth, elegance and character. If you’re a crafting enthusiast, why not create your own candles for a personal touch? Discover all of the fragrances, supplies and equipment you’ll need at NI Candle Supplies. Let your home's story shine bright!

Safety Disclaimer: As you venture into the world of candle décor, always prioritise safety. Never leave burning candles unattended, and ensure they're placed on stable, heat-resistant surfaces away from flammable materials. Keep candles out of reach of children and pets, and avoid placing them in drafty areas to prevent rapid and uneven burning or potential tipping. By practicing caution, you can relish the beauty and aroma of your candles without worry. Enjoy your illuminated spaces responsibly!

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